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August 8, 2023
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Did you know that 31% of business industries have fully automated at least one function?

Digital transformation has been at the forefront of innovation in every industry, and now it can be achieved by anyone without spending hours coding. Sounds impossible? Not anymore! Thanks to the introduction of no-code platforms, building an application is more accessible than ever.
Automation in business industries with no-code programming is the answer you have always sought to empower every employee to become a citizen developer! Everyone deserves a chance to bring their ideas to life themselves without fear of wasting money or time, and that is where no-code comes to the rescue.

Automating Business Industries with No-code

Stick with us as we explore how no-code can help introduce innovation in 10+ business industries, from BFSI to supply chain and logistics!

1. No-code for BFSI

Is your team wasting time on tasks like e-statements and balance emails? No-code is here to help you automate these tasks and ensure that all your data is in one place for easy access. You can make all your standard forms available through the self-service portal making the whole process efficient. This extends to other aspects of your business, where you can automate various functions like verifications, transaction approvals, and more, making the whole process reliable, safe, and accurate, significantly reducing the margin for error!

Some of the BFSI no-code applications that you can incorporate into your company include finance management, Investment & Loan management, Claims management, Policy insurance, Customer Onboarding, Banking Portals and Services, Audit reports.

2. No-code for eCommerce

No-code is here to eliminate repetitive manual tasks by automation so that your employees have a reduced workload and are free to contribute to the organization! Building no-code applications gives you the power to improve agility in your organization and ensure that no time is wasted. This also helps automate supply chain workflows so that operations like vendor and inventory management are efficient and smooth.

Here are examples of some applications for e-commerce that you can check out now apart from building your own. These include applications for Vendor Management, Management of Inventory, Addressing Grievances / Complaints, Adding Lists / Catalogs Automatically, Accounting, Refunds, RMA, etc.

3. No-code for Education

No-code is here to make everything for you and your students easier! You can use no-code applications to generate documents quickly using templates. All interactions and communications can be automated to eliminate manual processes. This will help in making sure that students, as well as teachers, are on top of the current assignemtns. It will also improve efficiency and ensure that all communication is transparent with reminders and updates. With routine manual tasks out of the way, you can give your sole attention to delivering on the promise of excellent education for your students!

Check out some applications for the education industry to get you started. Applications for Course Registration & Student Onboarding, Assessment, Grading, Class schedule, Attendance Tracking, etc., will help you manage your organization effectively.

4. No-code for Energy and Utilities

No-code applications allow you to automate and streamline processes to remove inefficiencies, enabling maximum efficiency! It also ensures you can quickly change processes without disrupting the entire mechanism. You can collaborate across teams with in-house and field staff so that everyone is on the same page and mindful of the overall operations. No-code can also make compliance easy. You can ensure that you stick to mandated requirements by building and maintaining your checklists, as data collection and monitoring are accessible and easy through no-code!

No-Code for Energy and Utilities Industry

No-code applications for the Energy and Utilities Industry, like apps for Project management, Program Rollups, Field Operations, Asset Management and Maintenance, etc., have proven extremely useful.

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5. No-code for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

No-code is particularly great at streamlining processes which is a huge bonus for the EPC industry! You can build, use and refine the business processes of your entire organization using no-code applications and make changes as and when required to optimize it further without any stalling in your overall functions. It also enables your teams to collaborate efficiently to increase visibility and accountability for all processes. You can also ensure you comply with all the mandated requirements by creating and monitoring your checklists. This data can be captured through any device and accessed through the central server in real-time.

If you are looking for examples to see just how amazing no-code is for your industry, no-code has some applications for the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Industries specifically! These include applications for Site Inspection, Project Estimation, Quotation Management, Project Management, Procurement Management, Project Execution, Asset Management, Maintenance, etc.

6. No-code for Food Processing

No-code can be used in the food processing industry in various ways. You no longer need to use manual processes to collect data; this can be done quickly through mobile forms. Organization and maintenance of records are not a hassle anymore! You can build no-code applications to manage inventory, stock, delivery, and production schedules. You can also streamline your workflow and ensure this data is readily available for efficient planning and decision-making!

No-code for Food Processing

We have some applications for the Food Processing Industry, like apps for Quality Assurance Tests, Inventory Management, Delivery Tracking, Supply Chain Management, Efficient Reporting systems, Employee Data Management, etc., to get you started.

7. No-code for Government

No-code is the next big thing when it comes to keeping with the times and adopting the latest technology. No-code apps can spearhead digital transformation, automate operational processes, and improve visibility and efficiency. It will enable government agencies to ensure that customer service is impeccable as you can create self-service portals for citizens, thus ensuring that they do not need to visit local offices. On the other hand, this allows them to track their requests’ progress, thus improving satisfaction. The benefits continue beyond a single department! You can use no-code applications to collaborate across departments so that information moves smoothly and all manual processes are removed.

Here are a few no-code applications for Government that you can check out, like applications for Digital Operations, Citizens Portals and Self-Service, Project Management, Field Operations, Command, and Control Dashboard, etc. 

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8. No-code for Healthcare

In healthcare, the primary area of focus is enhancing customer experience. No-code can change the game here by giving you the power to create interactive portals and dashboards to view patient data at the click of a button. The benefits continue beyond there; you can build applications to monitor the staff, optimize their schedules, manage inventory, and more. You can also generate reports that help in better decision-making. Thus, no-code will help you reduce costs, efficiently use your employee’s time, and eliminate any existing bottlenecks to get your hospital running smoothly!

The sheer amount of possibilities can be daunting. So we made sure you will not have to start from scratch. Check out the no-code applications for the healthcare industry, like apps for Patient Management, Digitized Healthcare Records, Appointment scheduling, Staff Supervision and Management, Inventory Management, Claims Management, and other pharma industry solutions.

When it comes to legal firms, it is no question that digital transformation is essential. No-code lets the lawyers build the applications they need to make their work easy and not rely on developers. No-code platforms like Quixy ensure that the legal data will never be compromised, giving your lawyers peace of mind while building their apps. You can set up an online repository that makes accessing legal files seamless and reliable, thus improving efficiency and productivity for everyone involved.

benefits of no-code in the legal industry

No-code has proven indispensable in the legal Industry. Examples of legal industry applications include Legal CRM, Case Management apps, Centralized Repositories for Case Management, Self-service Knowledge Management Portal, Document Generator, etc.

10. No-code for Manufacturing

Using no-code in the manufacturing department dramatically reduces risks and increases your team’s productivity.

It can be used primarily in three different ways. No-code applications will help you consolidate all manufacturing data and make them easily accessible. Routine tasks can be eliminated, and you can improve productivity and quality by coordinating and tracking a factory’s processes. Moreover, no-code allows you to collaborate smartly by bringing all the task management to one platform.

Here are some applications for the Manufacturing industry, such as apps for Factory Inspection, Inventory and Procurement Management, Asset Management and Maintenance, Compliance Tracker, Self-Service Portals, Automating Customer Management etc.

11. No-code for Supply Chain and Logistics

Suppose you want to model, administer and refine business processes without negative repercussions on productivity or time. In that case, a business process management software like Quixy is the way to go! As you streamline your operations, you can also increase team collaboration by introducing an automated, unified platform where everyone can see the bigger picture creating accountability and understanding. You can also say a final goodbye to creating any documents manually! It will just take a minute to generate documents like invoices, shipping bills, return labels etc., using templates.

Can’t believe us? Check out some of the applications for the Supply Chain and Logistics industry, like apps for Material and Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Warehouse and Fulfillment, Distribution Management etc.


If you have stuck around till now, you are probably mind blown with the opportunity no-code presents you with! The above-mentioned ways are by no means the only things no code can achieve. The possibilities are endless, and what more? You can give it a try right now! No-code is highly customizable and allows you to use it per your needs. The application you build with no code will be tailored to your purpose, change the innovation game, and give you the edge you have always been looking for! Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.

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