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August 11, 2023
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Out of all the sectors that were majorly influenced by the pandemic, healthcare is one sector that stands out significantly. As physical consultations and hospital visits for non-COVID cases dropped, there was a steep rise in teleconsultations. Telemedicine has proven to be a game-changer for the healthcare industry, with a projection that the industry will be worth close to USD 170 billion by 2026.

From Big Tech to investors, there has been an increased flow of investments in the field of digital healthcare as a lot of startups are entering the field as well. This is a testament to the fact that telemedicine is not just a pandemic fad, instead, it is here to stay and define the next phase for the healthcare industry. 

Considering this scenario, it is very important for healthcare organizations to embrace digital transformation. In order to survive this digital race, they need to be ready to embrace digital disruptors and leverage them in a way that helps them adapt to the future of the industry.

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No-code for healthcare is an important tool in this regard, facilitating everything from Electronic Medical Reports (EMR) to building the digital infrastructure for medical organizations without writing a single line of code. It makes the process of digitization easy, fast, and cost-effective, allowing organizations to stay on top of all the digital trends that take place constantly.

No-code Apps for Healthcare

No-code for healthcare is perfect to bring about digital transformation for healthcare organizations in the following ways:

No-Code for Healthcare

Efficient Patient Management

No-code for healthcare allows organizations to build solutions that immensely enhance the patient experience. Patients can fill up digital forms that capture registration data, making this process much more convenient than before. Through no-code, you can also create portals and dashboards that provide a top-notch digital onboarding experience. 

Quixy’s easy-to-use features can build automated workflows that capture every step of the process, right from when a patient is admitted to when they are billed during discharge. This is very helpful for both patients and organizations, as they get to have full visibility over the process and there is no room for confusion. Automated workflows for patient management also reduce the burden on personnel, eliminate errors, and decrease any avenues of delays. A smooth process also reduces any additional stress for the patient’s attendees, who might be under existing emotional duress. 

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Electronic Medical Records

Physical storage of paper-based medical records is full of hassles, as the storage and maintenance of such records is quite a task. Plus, they are often scattered and not compiled in a way that makes sense. Thankfully, no-code for healthcare can change this once and for all. 

No-code can be used to build solutions that digitize these paper-based records into electronic medical records (EMRs) that can be stored easily in systems. This data is not only accurate and secure but can also be accessed within seconds. This gives healthcare professionals much-needed visibility and makes the process of new consultations and admits much easier for the patients as well. No more carrying of bulky files or saving of reports that date years, as everything can be accessed through the power of EMRs. 

Appointment Scheduling with No-Code for Healthcare

Gone are the days when appointments used to be booked by calling on telephone lines that were almost always busy or through physical visits. No-code allows for portals that patients can use to book their appointments online without any hassle. Healthcare organizations can send reminders for follow-ups or consultations using these portals as well. What’s more, these solutions can also generate notifications via SMS/E-mails that remind doctors and patients about their upcoming consultations. Talk about efficiency and ease! 

Staff Supervision and Management

Now that telemedicine is going to find a way into doctors’ schedules, they need solutions that allow them to have full visibility over their days and weeks. This is where no-code for healthcare plays an important role as it allows for portals that reflect full schedules and other such commitments. These applications also allow organizations to monitor their staff and keep an eye on their productivity and workload and make decisions accordingly. Employee management applications can also be used for onboarding, training, and credentialing of new staff. 


Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a task in itself and requires dedicated efforts by personnel who are on their toes constantly. The urgency is highlighted even more when it comes to the healthcare industry, as the inventory can be life-saving in nature. With no-code for healthcare, you can stay on top of your healthcare organization’s inventory needs by creating a database that is linked to modules such as assets and expenses.

You can create workflows that allow you to have full visibility over your medical inventory and send automated notifications to vendors and providers whenever there is a need to restock. As these applications capture crucial data over time, they can also be used to make rich and insightful reports. These reports can be very crucial to make better purchasing decisions for medical equipment and resources.

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Running Patient Survey

Providing services in the healthcare industry is not just about the surgery, but a few percentages of it are also about the amenities, aftercare, cleanliness, etc. And, to find out whether your healthcare service was satisfactory, surveys are the best way.

Previously, a little effort was put into paper-based surveys, which might only end up as a document pile. With no-code citizen development for healthcare, you can build apps to facilitate carrying out patient surveys. You can automate the routing of the forms submitted and ensure that feedback is taken, efforts are carried out correctly and track the progress.

Claims Management

Claims management is another painstaking process that is complex for both patients and healthcare organizations. With no-code for healthcare, you can make this crucial process as fast and effective as possible by building solutions to organize, record, and update claims related to patient treatments and medications. Custom-built claims management softwares also ensure a hassle-free process while implementing compliance and control maintenance.

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As it has clearly been established, no-code for healthcare has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations function and bring in speed and convenience through custom-built solutions that can be created without a single line of code. This translates to:

  • better patient experience and a continued relationship with them,
  • effective management of staff and resources and 
  • reduced costs and time, leading to higher success for your healthcare organization. 

If there was ever a time to jump on the no-code bandwagon, it’s now. Quixy has empowered organizations across various sizes, industries, and geographies to embrace digital transformation and make the most out of this disruptor through the power of no-code. It is now time for the healthcare industry to be ready for the post-pandemic future and build solutions that take their organizations to new heights. The unfortunate alternative would be to perish in the inevitable digital race and become obsolete. We think the choice is clear, don’t you?

Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation. 

You are just a click away from unlocking your healthcare organizations’ digital success.

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