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Webinar: Learn how to automate processes 10x faster

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Quixy aids Orikalankini relieve Menstrual Woes

Using Quixy, Orikalankini has built a platform to connect pad manufacturers, relief teams on the ground, and the citizens and organizations willing to donate towards the distribution of pads. Learn more

Quixy ranked “Leader – Asia-Pacific” in No-Code Application Development by G2

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Quixy achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

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What can Quixy do for you?

No Code Application Development
No-Code Application Development

Easily create custom applications to support the company’s business processes.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management

Model, automate, monitor and optimize business processes and workflows for maximum value

Digital Workplace
Build a Digital Workplace

Automate, manage, optimize and track work across the organization on one digital platform

Possibilities are endless

help desk
Help Desk
visitor management
Travel and
Expense Management
Organizational training management
Training Management
Container Freight
Station Cargo Management
legal case management
Legal Case
customer relationship management
Customer Relationship
credit and collection management
Credit and Collection
loan management
asset management
procurement management
bid management
account submission processing
Account Submission
employee onboarding
employee performance
Employee Performance
Management System
employee seperation
"The enterprise of today uses multiple tools to manage business productivity across different teams., most of which work in a silo. This usually requires integrations to be built for information flow to be seamless and decision-making to be faster. These integrations are expensive, repetitive and require technical expertise to sync APIs, cron jobs and connectors.

This is squarely where Quixy fits in. By allowing our folks to use simple UI tools to rapidly build business processes, we have seen increased collaboration amongst our sales, operations and marketing teams where information updates are near real-time."
Aditya Vuchi
Aditya Vuchi
Co-founder, Zippr

Faster, automated and agile operations

app building
Intuitive App Building
secure cloud architecture
Secure Cloud Architecture
easily integrable
Easily Integrable
flexible to business changes
Flexible to business changes
access any device
Access through any device
unmatched time to value
Unmatched Time to Value

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