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Optimizing Costs with No-Code

The writing on the wall is very clear: Digitize or Die. To meet the need for digital solutions, organizations need to not only develop faster but also react faster. Innovation is an absolute necessity in today’s digital era as well. The challenge for CFOs is how to help organizations advance with the best digital solutions while maintaining control over their organization’s finances. They need to address the technical debt without compromising on the budget. Basically, cost control. That is exactly what no-code helps organizations and the CFOs achieve.

Why do CFOs choose Quixy?

Maintenance costs

Manage Application Maintenance Costs

The use of outdated legacy applications to run business results in high costs and lost production hours due to high maintenance and downtime. Making changes is even harder. The cost to maintain legacy applications can burn through the IT budget more than any other costs. On the other hand, migrating these legacy applications to no-code can drastically cut down maintenance and upgrade costs.

optimize costs

Optimize Application Development Costs

One-size-fits-all readymade software rarely meets an organization’s unique requirements and is hard to customize to meet future needs. Also, costs add up when you have one software for each need. On the other hand, custom application development is time consuming and requires hard to find costly professional developers. But with No-Code, any business users can build custom applications at a fraction of the cost.


Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

Manual and repetitive processes costs organization money and lead to poor experience. Quixy provides a platform for all departments in an organization to automate their processes to drive productivity and efficiency. These results in multifold reduction in operational costs. The CFO will understand better than anyone that the sooner you get products to market, the faster you’ll start seeing a return on investment.


Boost Employee Retention

As per industry figures, on average, it costs a company 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace him or her in recruiting and training costs. CFOs are well aware of this fact. No-Code empowers employees to innovate and build applications for their unique challenges and eliminate repetitive mundane tasks without writing any code. This improves job satisfaction and increases employee retention.

Eliminate costs

Eliminate costs of IT Project Failure

The average large-scale IT project winds up 45% over budget, 7% over time, and delivers 56% less value than predicted. This is due to a deep divide between business and IT who work in silos. No-code helps bridges the gap between buisness and IT to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget by enabling business users to build applications for their needs themselves with necessary governance from IT.


Become a Planner

Quixy’s no-code development platform aids in balancing organization’s digital transformation needs and the costs without making a hole in company finances. Cost control without compromising the digital objectives is what being a CFO is all about. When this is done with an objective viewpoint on savings and budgetary constraints, it becomes a win-win situation for everybody involved.

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