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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

Tailored ERP solutions that meet your business requirements by integrating core processes. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Generate major efficiency gains with powerful no-code capabilities

Monitor Organization's Pulse

Get real-time information from the central database that lets you keep check on your processes and their status even when offline. Find out the right task status and prepare an action plan that lets you achieve organizational goals.

Greater flexibility with Agile ERP

No-code ERP is designed in a way that meets unique business requirements. Route the processes and make necessary modifications that easily adapt to the changing business needs and help you remain flexible.

Data Analysis
Get effective data analysis

Make data-driven business decisions with centralised business data. Enhanced cross-departmental visibility enables the discovery of process improvements and in-depth analysis.

Fully customisable ERP so that you don’t have to compromise on your processes

Material Management

Material Management

Eliminate wastage of inventory and delays in procurement with material management. Take control of the movement of materials and equipment to ensure they are available when needed. Build custom-made dashboards to get real-time insights and enhance decision-making.

Human Resource Management

Get your new employee started on the first day by automating all HRMS processes. Manage payroll, retention, training and development collectively through one dashboard. Align the company’s people policy to support evolving business strategy.

Employee Onboarding
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Administer the goods from when they enter the warehouse until they move out with end-to-end warehouse management. Keep a check by tracking the inventory and ensuring things are correctly dispatched, stored, and sorted.

Financial Accounting and Budgeting

Accurately monitor proper usage and availability of funds by establishing budgetary controls and approvals. Better plan and forecast cash flows; analyze variances and take corrective actions. Strengthen the ties between financial and operational plans.  

Budget Management
Project Management

Project Management

Track the status of projects, automate task assignments, and automate notifications and triggers to stay on top of your project management game. Schedule, conduct and capture information from a meeting, set up task management and ensure closer of action items.

Supply Chain Management

Integrate and oversee your complete supply network with integrated business applications. Enhance transparency into inventory movement, and reduce order turnaround times and logistics costs throughout the whole supply chain.

Supply Chain Management
Asset Management

Asset Management

Track purchase, disposition and movement of assets. Schedule preventative maintenance activities to avoid extra overhead costs. Monitor assets costs and depreciation onsets.


Streamline the entire procurement process by accelerating purchase order processing, submitting purchase requests, assessing and selecting vendors, approving the invoice and arranging payments. Enforces compliant spending and improves profitability.

Purchase Requisition

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