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Tackle security and shadow IT risks with no-code

Technology adoption has become a prerequisite in organizations of today’s digital era. In such a scenario, there are very many security-wise vulnerabilities a CISO is wary of; the last thing they want is for their organization to pay millions in compliance penalties. Shadow IT also poses security risks since it is unregulated. No-code platforms need to have the CISO’s nod to be adopted meaningfully. Quixy’s no-code platform addresses all these challenges so that CISO does not have to worry about any data security and privacy.

Why do CISOs choose Quixy?


Security is the Priority

At Quixy, security is the highest priority with a strict no-compromise policy being adhered to at each and every step. Starting with the choice of cloud infrastructure that hosts the platform, the platform per se, and the ready-to-use applications designed on the platform – all of these three crucial aspects necessarily meet the highest security standards.


Regulation and Control

No-code facilitates the humanization of application development at an enterprise-grade level. The platform provides a lot of jurisdiction over all the operations performed on the platform through access control and audit trails. Access is controlled to all features on the platform down to the field level based on user permissions.


Compliant with Best Security Standards

The CISO is greatly assisted with Quixy being committed to complying with the best standards for information security and privacy. There are security controls in place at each stage. Quixy is ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 certified & SOC 2 Type 2 compliant as per American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) requirments.


Privacy at all times 

The CISO is aided with Quixy to keep this customer data privacy intact through restricted access after specific authorization and strict authentication in line with GDPR and CCPA requirements. We understand that the customers rely on us to ensure their information is protected and data is used as per their expectations.


Manage Shadow IT Risks

Shadow IT is the use of any software without the knowledge of the IT team. Quixy’s no-code platform provides ready-to-use visual controls which have been tested against any security threats. Business users can build applications using these controls without writing any additional code, eliminating the possibility of introducing any new security risks.


Become an Anchor

The CISO can be assured with Quixy’s security controls that govern the product’s entire life cycle to stay secure, credible, and available by keeping in place combinations of protective, preventative, and reactive controls. They can manage shadow IT and retain a great deal of power and regulation over entire application development.

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