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Automate Manual and Repetitive Processes

Executing manual processes every day is what makes HR work repetitive and slow. Easily create HRMS applications to automate all your manual processes including employee onboarding, payroll processing, and payslip management to liberate your time.

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Self Service Portals

Create self-service portals to easily allow your employees to access company information, submit leave and travel requests, file expense reports, and much more. All by simply equipping your HR system to do so!

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Dashboard with Actionable Insights

Simplify your decision making by drilling deep into data generated from various HRMS applications through the use of advanced reports and dashboards. Build custom dashboards with actionable insights.

Choose between readymade applications or build new HRMS software in minutes

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Employee Onboarding

Enable a positive, memorable experience for your new employees by creating HRMS software to automate the process of onboarding completely. Fast-track paperless processes to seamlessly allow new employees to get started.

  • Enable self-onboarding through easy, online forms
  • Create self-service portals to facilitate access to company policies and procedures, employee directory, and more
  • Automate workflows between support teams to speed up the complete onboarding process and get the new employee started on Day 1 itself

Leave Management

Get rid of paper-based leave application forms. Automate end to end leave application workflows to apply, approve, reject, and manage leaves. Employees can apply, edit, or cancel requests using any device. 

  • Customizable Leave Policies by Leave Type
  • Apply leaves online
  • Access leave balance and past leave records
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Employee Training Management

Employ the low-code platform’s aptitude to automate your training workflows all the way from capturing training needs to scheduling training, and even working out how to capture attendances during training sessions and collecting feedback of training sessions conducted.

  • Accept and classify training requests and suggestions from employees and managers
  • Design reusable training plans and create long and short terms training schedules
  • Digitally capture the attendance during training sessions
  • Collect vital employee feedback from attendees and post it straight into your HRMS applications

Performance Management

Digitize end to end performance management process from setting up goals, tracking achievements, rewards, and recognitions to completion of the quarterly and annual appraisal process. 

  • Set quarterly and annual goals
  • Workflows to capture self-assessment, appraiser remarks, and final reviewer ratings
  • Dashboard with insights into the team’s performance
Performance Management


Bid adieu to your employees via a smooth, graceful exit process using automated HRMS applications. Automate checklists and workflows including clearance from the manager and all support departments and speed up full and final settlement from the accounts department.

  • Automated HR application system units include final feedback from the employee
  • System generated relieving letter to make the process seamless
  • Automatic insight reports from employee feedback forms

Attendance and Timesheets

Automate capture of employee attendance and timesheets for payroll processing and calculating productivity. 

Income Tax Savings Declaration

Collect Income Tax Savings declaration from employees to calculate tax deductions for payroll processing. 

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The impact is huge

NECL Casestudy

NECL Case Study

Entire HR processes automated in 25 days

"The enterprise of today uses multiple tools to manage business productivity across different teams., most of which work in a silo. This usually requires integrations to be built for information flow to be seamless and decision-making to be faster. These integrations are expensive, repetitive and require technical expertise to sync APIs, cron jobs and connectors.

This is squarely where Quixy fits in. By allowing our folks to use simple UI tools to rapidly build business processes, we have seen increased collaboration amongst our sales, operations and marketing teams where information updates are near real-time."
Aditya Vuchi
Aditya Vuchi
Co-founder, Zippr

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