• Workflow Automation
    Top 9 Benefits of Workflow Automation that you can not deny!
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    Every process in the industry follows a kind of workflow to get it done effectively. But that workflow was earlier followed by a hardcore manual process which was time-consuming, more exposure to error, and a costly process. It is exactly like a giant rock standing in the way of the destination, and you have to

    Gantt Chart Reports in Quixy
    A Guide to Gantt Chart Reports in Quixy for Effective Project Management
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    Are you facing challenges in visualizing and managing your project timelines effectively? Bid farewell to project planning and tracking complexities with Gantt Chart Reports in Quixy. Whether you’re a project manager or a team member, you can now seamlessly create and analyze Gantt charts to enhance project efficiency. In this blog, we’ll explore how Quixy’s

    Workflow Automation Statistics
    65+ Workflow Automation Statistics and Forecasts you can’t miss!
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    In the last few years, the growth and need for automation were in a boom; the increased IT requirements and low available resources made it very demanding. Ever since the pandemic happened, every business has needed to implement automation techniques to improve their workflow with available forces. Here are some workflow automation statistics that is

    Skills for project managers
    Top 16 Project Management Skills that you need to sharpen this year
    Reading Time: 9 minutes

    Have you heard of the coveted position of ‘project manager’? If you have spent time in the corporate world, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! The hype around the role is understandable; who doesn’t want to take sole ownership of a high-stakes project and deliver it to perfection? There is no shortage

    Workflow Automation Tool
    Why Choose Quixy as your Workflow Automation Tool?
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    We all have been in a situation where we wanted tasks to be managed automatically, and it is all natural to be in such a circumstance. Whether our life or our business, we all look up to automation. And lately, with handling multiple tasks together, time, efficiency, etc., becoming major constraints for most businesses, workflow

    Workflow vs Process
    Workflow vs Process: What are the Key Differences?
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    In the fast-paced world of work, efficiency and organization reign supreme. We constantly strive to optimize our efforts, achieve goals faster, and navigate intricate systems. This journey often leads us to two frequently used yet subtly different terms: Workflow vs Process. While often used interchangeably, understanding their distinct roles is crucial for maximizing productivity and navigating

    automation challenges in manufacturing
    A Realistic Look at Automation Struggles in Manufacturing Industry
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    The use of technology and machinery to carry out operations, procedures, or jobs previously completed by human labor is referred to as automation in the manufacturing sector. With this technology, productivity will be increased overall, efficiency will rise, and human error will decrease.  Automation is essential in order to increase production and efficiency in the

    what is Hybrid Workplace Model
    What is Hybrid Workplace Model?: The Future of Work
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    Wondering what is hybrid workplace model? Working from home seemed like a far-fetched dream a few years back for people who do not enjoy long commute times. It became a necessity in the previous two years and has now taken the shape of a progressive business strategy. The hybrid workplace model introduced as the product

    Project management tools
    Top 7 Project Management Tools to Look Out for in 2024
    Reading Time: 11 minutes

    If you closely observe the business landscape, you will see the growth is dynamic and moving faster. To maintain that pace and achieve your daily targets, all you need to do is choose the right project management tool. Choosing the best project management tool can solve half of your problems. All these tools work as

    Project Management Statistics
    Important Project Management Statistics for 2024 and beyond
    Reading Time: 9 minutes

    Project management has continued to evolve rapidly over the years. As we approach 2024, it’s essential to keep an eye on the latest project management statistics that will shape how projects are managed in the future.  With the growth of technology, new demand for skilled professionals, and constant development of project management methodologies, analyzing key

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