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With shifting trends and technological advancements, it’s not just private organizations that need to transform digitally and innovate how they operate. Governments are the key facilitators that take part in all socio-economic activities. They too need to upgrade and automate their internal processes, integration with other departments and offer services to citizens over digital platforms. In this article, we’ll see how no-code helps governments digitize their processes and accelerate their operations.

The global citizen is going digital but still observes many government units struggling with basic processes like application form processing, handling service requests, and providing basic policy information to citizens! This is resulting in a widening gap between citizens and departments in terms of technological growth and transformation.

According to the 2019 Statista Report, consumers worldwide have downloaded 204 billion mobile apps to their connected devices, up from 140.7 billion downloads in 2016. Government departments need to leverage this trend and be more digitally integrated to serve citizens well.

Mobile apps download stats
Number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2016 to 2019 Source: Statista

For example, in a developing country like India, if a person wants to file a request for a driving license, the steps involved are:

  1. Going to the RTO office to fill the application form and bringing documents as proof in the next visit only to be stored in files and increasing the waiting time.
  2. Now, even after all the hassle, during the day of the test, only a few applications are processed because the police verification requires stamps, approvals, and signatures.
  3. The line is endless and the entire day is taken up for just a 20-minute test.

How can all of this hassle be avoided for the citizen and how can the processing of applications be faster and more efficient?

Here’s where no-code comes to the rescue.


No-code platforms provide tremendous opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up operations through the adoption of digital solutions and automation of workflows. These can be built and deployed within hours and days, without having to wait and stack up more work that too, with a click on a button.

No-code helps governments by offering solutions that are not only easy to use but build too! These platforms offer a drag-and-drop visual interface that can be used by departments to automate processes and build applications. This can be done without writing any code or assistance from the professional developers.

On the contrary, one may build a custom software application from scratch but it invites a lot of complications and limitations in terms of costs and time. Ready-to-use products are often expensive and do not meet the customization requirements of diverse departments and operations.

Government agencies and departments involve complex processes that are constantly evolving because of rules and regulations. These processes also involve multiple departments and users. Hence, they need applications that are adaptable to the unique workflows and provide the kind of platform that can collaborate and communicate across government departments.

If global citizens are growing to be highly smartphone-dependent and adopting a digital lifestyle, why can’t governments transform digitally and have a centralized system? No-code helps governments ensure interoperability within departments, enhance service delivery, and avoid citizen frustration.

From the example above, if the RTO had automated the entire process with the help of no-code platforms, the following would have been possible:

  1. Submission of online applications and uploading documents online for auto-processing of approvals. This would have saved the person a trip to the RTO and reduced the official’s work because he doesn’t have to process any documents.
  2. Based on the approvals of applications, auto-assigning of dates for test and uploading documents for police verification (which will automatically go to the police department).
  3. Processing of hundreds of applications instead of just a few and just coming for the driving test on the day of the test, allowing more applicants to appear.

How No-Code Helps Governments to transform their operations?

No-code development

Let us look at different government operations that can be automated with the help of no-code app development. From Infrastructure to Healthcare, no-code apps can transform how departments function and enhance public life.

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For Internal Officials and Executives

By setting up configurable Command and Control Dashboards, executives can gain actionable insights into data from various applications for informed, instant responses and effective decision making. They can leverage advanced charting and reporting tools for in-depth analysis. For example, detailed reporting and analyzing disease outbreaks, pest-attacks, crime and accident reports, etc.

Compliance Management Apps ensure that mandated requirements crucial for government units are fulfilled. No-code apps help build and maintain checklists to capture compliance data using any device from anywhere and access it in real-time from the central server.

Project Management Apps help manage projects e.g laying roads, building reservoirs, etc. effectively and efficiently by automating different project activities through workflows. These apps help get real-time status of project tasks based on data entered by the field staff from anywhere using any device.

Build Field Operations and Infrastructure Apps to reduce costs and efficiencies related to manual data collection for on-field activities followed by data entry into IT systems. This enables field staff to collect service or inspection data using any device that can become available on the central server in real-time. For example government services like health drives, government surveys, utility usage recording, job reports, etc.

Streamline Transport Operations and Data with apps that provide a consolidated state-wide transport database with real-time updates and availability. All public transport data, quality inspections, and reports, vehicle records, and documents could exist on one platform, easy to access and compare as well.

For Citizen Service

No-code for citizen service

Citizen Portals and Self-service Apps help in delivering engaging citizen experience through online citizen portals that are accessible from anywhere using any device. Citizens can request service or check the status of their existing requests in real-time.

Deploy Public Safety Apps to effectively manage critical incident response, inspection, assurance, community engagement, etc. Reduce costs and boost efficiency by real-time data inputs and reports to analyze risks and strong areas.

Enhance Education and Learning by developing apps that integrate classrooms, update syllabus, office processes with personnel management, student records, asset tracking, scheduling, and enrollment, all built to fit your needs.

Citizen Feedback Apps help city-wide easy collection of data from residents about improvements and suggestions. The system displays a concise view of data from any device and provides relevant insights.

Utility Management Apps can provide service updates, request/disconnect services, complaint management, meter readings, bill payments, etc. and also have an FAQ portal to answer questions regarding procedures, instructions, and additional information.

Learn everything about No-Code here including FAQs, resources, and how different departments and industries can benefit.

Why Do Governments Need No-Code?

We have seen solutions that departments can leverage. Now let’s look at how can no-code help governments and accelerate growth to bring digital transformation.

  1. Boost Efficiency and Productivity: No-code enhances work quality and boosts productivity through automated workflows configured with notifications, reminders, and escalations at each step. Dashboards provide real-time insights into staff utilization and performance.
  2. Ensure transparency and accountability: Once you adopt no-code apps and use them for your departments, it will in turn ensure accountability. All communication and information can be digitally recorded and traced. All data will be stored in real-time and can be accessed through any device!
  3. Slashed Time and Costs: Government agencies need a high productivity platform that reduces costs and delivers new solutions with speed and agility. No-code will help you build and deploy applications within weeks and costs less than traditional systems, which is what governments need!
  4. Increased Agility: No-code development provides flexibility to upgrade applications as and when there are changes in policies and procedures. All with just a few clicks.
  5. Streamline Communication and Collaboration: Government apps streamline communication and use automation to optimize processes so that the officials across departments are notified about their tasks, ongoing projects, etc. through automated workflows.
  6. Make Citizens Happy: Once all operations are made digital and are automated, citizens would experience effective and enhanced delivery of services and also be able to perform functions that were tedious to do initially and avoid frustration.

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Quixy: The Perfect No-Code Platform for Government Departments

All solutions discussed in the article can be built and deployed on Quixy, a leading advanced no-code platform. No-code helps governments in automating all of the above and many more operations. The platform ensures that all data remains secure and confidential. Even if data exists on other applications, Quixy can easily integrate and streamline with them.

As mentioned, no-code apps can be built by anyone! We offer the benefit of any government official to build and deploy an app. You don’t need any technical experience or knowledge about code. Anyone (or as we like calling them, citizen developers) can build functional applications at least 10 times faster than other approaches.

To transform your department and enhance governance and operational efficiency, get started with a free trial to see how we can help you innovate and revolutionize your department!

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