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Field Services

Accelerate and enhance field forces by enriching collaborations with no-code

Field Services

Enable seamless collaboration and boost activity growth with no-code

Field Force Management
Field Force Management

Gain actionable insights about task status, geolocation, job checklist, and more to enable transparency and improved decision making. Create accountability at each process step while providing visibility into overall operations.

Real time data
Real-time Data

Develop apps to enter real-time data, accessible from any device, from any place. Share data among office staff members to reassign tasks or reschedule if a field member is unavailable.

Optimize Activities

Automate routine activities such as time and attendance tracking, invoice and payments, recurring task management etc. Eliminate inefficiency by and maximize effectiveness with field force tracking and focus on team productivity.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes


Field Checks & Inspection

Customize your field visits to capture key parameters, photos, videos, and all other data you need to create a detailed and accurate project plan and pricing.  Conduct surveys and regular inspections with customized checklists with no-code apps. 

Field Operations

Improve collaboration among project teams, vendors, and clients, over automated processes and workflows. Identify bottlenecks and capture issues in real-time. Save time with accurate resource management and make updates on the go.

Field Operations
Asset management

Asset Management and Resource Utilization

Create an online asset repository. Manage the maintenance of equipment through pre-configured preventive maintenance schedules with inbuilt reminders and notifications. Minimize emergency repairs, and reduce operational costs.

Timesheets and Travel Logs

Capture the exact time spent on various activities such as training, R&D, and meetings. Allow managers across workflows to view insights into time spends and team productivity with custom reports and dashboards with drill-down capability. Enable travel logs with simple functions like travel start time etc.

Timesheets and management

Compliance and Regulations

Upgrade field operations by automating quality assurance processes. Implement a compliance tracker tool within your applications to enable your quality team to report compliance issues. Route workflows based on type, severity, or other parameters and stay up to date with the status of reported issues at any time.

On-Field Safety

Active use of EHS checklist apps reduces the chances of any accidents. Incident reporting apps let field staff report any issues while capturing GPS location along with video or images. Speed up incident resolution by connecting the right people at the right time.

GPS Location

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