Facial Recognition
Quixy’s Facial Recognition feature to do away with manual verification!
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Facial recognition, at its most basic level, entails recognizing or validating someone based on the qualities and features of their face. Algorithms identify vital points on the face, such as the form of one’s chin, and construct a template for that person in the most common type of facial recognition. It can be most accurate

Themes Studio
Make our No-Code Platform your own: Quixy’s Themes Studio feature is here!
Reading Time: 2 minutes

General-purpose No-code platforms help enterprise users quickly automate processes and build apps without writing any code. These platforms give the power to the business users to innovate and build custom solutions for their unique problems without burdening the IT teams. However, considering the fact that these no-code platforms are not built by the internal IT

Survey Forms
Designing and running Surveys made easy with Quixy’s No-Code platform
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Surveys are a very useful tool for any organization to gather information. These may be market research surveys to understand business opportunities, customer, vendor, or employee feedback surveys to identify areas of improvement, site surveys for a construction company, or mandatory inspection surveys for an insurance organization.  It’s extremely tedious to gather, process, and analyze

Custom Mail Notifications
Quixy’s Custom Notifications to Fast-track your Workflows
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Workflows are essential to every business. Each workflow typically involves multiple stakeholders and it’s important that these stakeholders stay up to date with the status as work progresses through the workflow. Notifications to the stakeholders at each step of the workflow keeps the stakeholders up-to-date. However, manually sending each notification to keep the workflow going and

Multi-factor Authentication
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in action at Quixy
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you remember all the passwords that you have ever set or are you normal and tap on the forgot password tab instead? Fact is, we use a variety of apps on a regular basis, and remembering the passwords for all of them is difficult. To circumvent this problem, users often use the same password

Offline Solutions
Offline Mobile Apps for Field Operations
Reading Time: 2 minutes

While automation and digitized processes provide a much-needed breakthrough from traditional manual processes, they often function in the constraint of internet connectivity. These solutions work perfectly for the in-office or work from home staff, not so much for field staff who have to travel and work in areas that have major connectivity limitations. Quite often,

In-App Conversations: A New and Effective Way to Interact
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There is a big demand for innovative interaction tools, and we have just the right solution. In-app conversations are here to change the way you collaborate.  Collaboration has always been a marker of how successful teams are. Effective collaboration leads to better ideas, faster decision-making, and increased productivity in general as teams function to their

Data Capture
Easy QR Code and Barcode Scanning with Quixy
Reading Time: 2 minutes

While often overlooked, data capture is one of the most promising avenues through which a business can make strategic decisions and understand the nuances of its processes on a meaningful level. Data capture simply revolves around the collection of various types of information, formatting, analyzing, and storing it in a way that is beneficial to

Workflow automation
Workflow Automation in 6 simple steps with No-Code
Reading Time: 4 minutes

With changing times and the onset of digital practices, it was only a matter of time before paper-based and manual processes were set to be eradicated. Not only are these processes complex and time-taking, but due to the scope of human error, the desired result is often compromised. Not to mention the grunt-work, limited control,

Data security
OTP based Secured Customer Support Access to ensure Data Security
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Needless to say, data security is one of the topmost priorities of enterprises. They take stringent measures to ensure data security by adopting various practices like security protocols, encryption, program updates, etc. They also outline strict policies for their workforce to adhere to, as data security is everyone’s responsibility. And why not, data breaches are

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