Employee Engagement
Using No-Code for Higher Employee Engagement in the Workplace
Reading Time: 4 minutes

How often do you find a manager complaining about impassioned passive employees? Or the other way around, from employees because they do not find their job challenging enough? According to Gallup’s report, 85% of the employees are disengaged. These numbers are discouraging and are a clear indicator that the current work environment is affecting the way

no-code for BFSI
How can No-Code for BFSI transform the Industry in 2021
Reading Time: 8 minutes

2020 has seen the rise of the concept of remote working and disrupted industries across. But, the BFSI sector has taken a massive hit because of the pandemic. Moreover, customer expectations keep rising, new technologies and heavy regulations are the tip of the iceberg for banks and insurance companies to keep up with and that

Software Development
4 SDLC Pain Points of Traditional Development and solving them with No-Code
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Developing an app or software through complex traditional coding is a big deal. The process is way more massive than it looks and has its own obstacles and pain points. Not just the part where the application is coded but everything that comes before and after it has complexities. Applications and software have a life

Software Architects
4 Ways No-Code makes life simpler for Software Architects
Reading Time: 4 minutes

A software architect is an expert developer that is surrounded by coding in everything they do! They have to work on complex software, web, and application designs to make sure that the final products are built without glitches and in a fool-proof manner. However, there are a lot of other roles that software architects have

Website Builder
Top 10 No-Code Website Builders in 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes

While finishing my computer science degree in the early 00s, it was my dream to build a hassle-free and interactive website. I made my first website manually in HTML, as an intern. Developing a web application, in those days was a challenge as it involved a lot of coding to be done manually. The availability

Digital Modernization
Digital Modernization a Must. Modernize your Enterprise IT today!
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Everything is evolving and getting better, molding itself to the growing needs and changing demands of the industry. Why should enterprise IT be left behind then? One of the key aspects of digital modernization is to modernize the enterprise IT and strangely, many businesses give it a miss. As a result, IT development is slower

Business Leaders
No-Code: A Quick & Agile technology solution for Business Leaders
Reading Time: 5 minutes

We live in dynamic times and the businesses in modern times are changing with such speed that may have been unimaginable as early as about two years back. The competition across fields and industries is ever-increasing and people need to constantly deliver according to the growing demands of the patrons of a business, which is

The Rapidly Expanding No-Code Landscape
Reading Time: 4 minutes

This article (The Rapidly Expanding No-Code Landscape) was first published on Nasscom Community In a time where there’s a major shortage of IT professionals, no-code is taking the world by storm. No-code platforms are bridging the gap between professional developers and consumers, enabling individuals to become citizen developers and achieve technological goals which seemed out

What do No-Code Platforms do for Traditional Developers?
Reading Time: 5 minutes

No-code platforms are revolutionary tools that let people build a wide range of applications without the hassles of traditional coding. These platforms come with a robust collection of simplified visual drag-and-drop controls that are used to achieve similar results to coding without actually writing a single line of code! It is a well-known myth that

How No-Code works towards the aid of a CISO’s functions
Reading Time: 4 minutes

The most essential task of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a business is to secure the data of the business, not only from internal but also from external threats. The CISO is essential the gatekeeper and the security head for all the data that belongs to the business and has any information about

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