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May 1, 2024
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According to Gartner, 65% of app activity will result from no-code development by 2024. Some no-code platforms are pretty complicated and not easy to learn, but the primary purpose of no-code is to allow people who need coding skills to build their products. Suppose you want to avoid time figuring everything out yourself. You may need help creating a multi-component system involving different tools, integrations, and automation.

Thus, several no-code agencies have emerged to build products or provide consulting services due to the growth of the no-code ecosystem. Most of the time, it’s cheaper and quicker to use this method than to hire a development team.

They will help you build your dream project at a lower cost and shorter time frame.

What is a No-Code Agency? 

In recent years, no-coding has become increasingly popular. Modern and advanced systems that do not require coding are referred to as this. 

Do you think it’s possible?

Yes, of course! Nowadays, systems are quite easy to use, and we don’t need to delve into complex coding to achieve the same results. 

It’s still advisable to seek professional guidance despite the ease of learning no-code platforms. 

With the help of a no-code or low-code development agency, you can develop mobile applications, integrations, marketing tools, websites, workflows, and internal tools with complex components in record time. 

Top 13 No-Code Agencies/Companies in 2024


It is hard to find and expensive to hire professional developers for custom application development. Customer development itself is time-consuming and costly. Organizations face security risks from shadow IT.

Quixy bridges the gap between business and IT to solve all these challenges. Business users can design and build simple to complex custom enterprise-grade applications without writing a single line of code using Quixy’s intuitive “drag and drop” visual platform. Result? With no code, you get speed, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness.

Quixy specializes in Enterprise Application Development, Business Process Management and Workflow Automation.


vianocode No-code agencies

High-quality design and super-fast no-code development for a fixed monthly fee can be increased or decreased as needed. The company provides free design and no-code development consultations; you can book a 1:1 consultation here.

Toolset: Figma, Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, and more

Specialities are no-code development for startups and graphic design.


8020 No-code agencies, no-code companies

With 8020, you’ll find designers and builders who implement your ideas. As a design-driven agency, the no-code agency creates modern and attractive products, even for MVPs. Consulting services are available to help you find the right tools and automation solutions for your business.

This is the right agency for you if you’re looking for well-designed, tailored, no-code solutions.

Specialty is in Developing web flows, branding, and designing


Airdev No-code agency

Airdev is a leader in no-code development, helping businesses launch software products within a short time and on a limited budget. The latest visual programming framework, Bubble, is used by Airdev to build its products. 

Their websites, internal tools, and applications are built using Bubble, a no-code web app builder, and their Canvas framework.

Specialities are Bubble, Web Apps, Internal Tools, Marketplaces

Minimum Studio

Minimum studio no-code agency

Minimum Studio creates innovative solutions faster than traditional agencies, specializing in no-code development. The agency communicates closely with entrepreneurs and launches effective products based on their feedback. 

A smaller, simpler project is prioritized over a complex and large one. Visual development tools are used to create apps and websites.

This no-code agency is an excellent choice for small firms looking for a competent agency to build their platform!

Specializes in Visually solving problems in the smallest steps possible

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Evodev no-code company

Ecodev is a renowned French no-code agency. They can turn any idea into a ready-to-use product in four to six weeks. Bubble makes custom-ready applications two times cheaper and three times faster than traditional coding.

Specialty: Bubbles, MVPs


Huggy studio no-code agencies

HuggyStudio builds fully functional MVPs at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional development. They have experience in corporate innovation and have been involved in multiple startups, giving them a unique edge to assist you.

They assist you with our expertise and services throughout all product launch phases.

Specialties: Webflow, Figma, Integromat, Zapier, Stripe, Bubble

Goodspeed Studio

Founded by a team of no-code experts, Goodspeed is a no-code agency with one of the most experienced no-code teams in the country. The process is quick and affordable. Their focus is on clear communication, being proactive, and treating every project as if it were theirs. Goodspeed works with all types of entrepreneurs, from MVPs to testing the latest features. Sky News, Financial Times, and BBC have featured their web and mobile apps.

Specialties: Bubble, Web Apps, Internal Tools, Marketplaces

Digital Fight

Digital Fight No-code Agency

With this agency, you can build an MVP for your app at the lowest possible cost. For this purpose, they select two startups every three months. A solopreneur or entrepreneur looking to launch a startup from the beginning would benefit from this agency. 

First, you must submit your startup idea. If you are selected, Digital Fight will build your PWA (Progressive Web Application) within two weeks. In the third month, they will also assist you with the launch of your app.

Expertise: Building MVPs

Hello Guru

Hello guru no-code agencies

With HelloGuru, you can develop software without coding or relying on traditional hiring methods. With this platform, customers can have complete control over the development process and can see everything happening within the project at all times. The no-code agency works with all the popular platforms for building and automating.

Specializes in Prioritise leads, Sending the right message at the right time, and Keeping your customers through data.

Avalan Labs

Avanlan Labs No-code agencies

Avalan Labs is a private online community for people interested in building, automating, and selling projects using NoCode technologies. Community members assist each other in building products and resolving problems. Business owners and startups have access to no-code templates to create projects, take a tech education, and gain VIP access to VIP programs. 

Specializes in the automated management of projects using Airtable, Zapier, and Notion

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No-code companies like Processica promise to provide you with the best platforms for launching your applications. 

Many templates are provided for free by the no-code development agency to subscribers and customers. Using these templates, you can begin developing and customizing the application for your organization. Additionally, Processica utilizes a number of popular tools, such as Airtable, Webflow, Bubble, and Adalo. 

Further, the agency also provides subscribers with pre-implemented workflows, Processica platforms, and applications to launch their applications successfully.

Their expertise is in developing apps without coding using popular tools such as Parabola, Bubble, Webflow and Adelo.


No-code agencies

It may seem intimidating to invest in a website, especially when you are just starting. In addition, you may be discouraged from contacting any of the no-code development agencies due to the time and cost involved. 

500dollarsMVP is the right solution for you in this situation.

An intuitive solution with a minimal budget will be built for you within a few days. 

Zapier, Airtable, Webflow, Glide, and other tools can also be used to develop different projects. Through 500dollarsMVP, you can learn how to build fully functional software without any technical knowledge. 


Additionally, the no-code agency offers several features, including launching a new product and automating repetitive and low-value tasks. 

They specialize in the development of web applications using Glide, Webflow, Zapier and, Airtable. 

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Many no-code solutions are available for every aspect of your business. Choosing the right solution for your business problems is the most practical decision.

Freelancers and small business owners can create apps and websites using no-code tools. Check the above list of no-code agencies that offer no-code web development services to create and maintain your online presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What distinguishes no-code agencies from traditional development firms?

No-code agencies specialize in creating digital solutions without conventional programming. They rely on visual development tools, enabling businesses to build applications efficiently, even without coding expertise.

Q. How do businesses benefit from partnering with no-code agencies?

Businesses partnering with no-code agencies enjoy accelerated project timelines and reduced costs. Leveraging no-code platforms allows rapid prototyping and iteration, leading to faster delivery of customized solutions.

Q. What factors should businesses prioritize when selecting a no-code agency?

Businesses should consider the agency’s expertise in relevant platforms, past project successes, flexibility, solutions scalability, and ability to understand and meet specific business requirements.

Q. Share success stories of businesses partnering with no-code agencies.

The Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL), a non-government company, utilized Quixy, a no-code digital transformation software, to automate its business processes and workflows. According to a case study on Quixy’s website, CCIL achieved a remarkable 70% reduction in business process time by leveraging Quixy’s capabilities. This successful implementation highlights the significant efficiency gains and transformative impact of adopting no-code solutions like Quixy for organizations like CCIL.

No-code development is evolving with advancements in AI, automation, and integrations. Leading agencies are embracing these trends, offering more sophisticated solutions to meet growing business demands.

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