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November 22, 2023
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We’ll discuss how no-code for the manufacturing industry is the perfect way to undergo digital transformation and prepare for future challenges. 

In the past few years, no-code tools have empowered employees of almost every industry, by giving them the ability to create solutions to everyday challenges and establish competent systems without writing a single line of code and under limited resources. Gartner even forecasts that 65% of all app development by 2024 will be done through no-code/low-code tools. A few industries stand to benefit more than the others when it comes to no-code, and manufacturing is an industry that has the potential to derive maximum benefit by adopting a no-code approach.

Gartner anticipates that by 2026, individuals beyond formal IT sectors will make up a minimum of 80% of the user base engaging in no-code low-code development.

No-Code for Manufacturing

No-code for manufacturing allows problem-solving in a unique way, by giving control to the people who are closest to problems and allowing them to create systems that solve these problems. These people might include operators, quality engineers, lean experts, IT integration specialists, and anyone else who is faced with the challenge of working on the front-line. No-code for manufacturing can lead to never-seen-before levels of quality, profitability, and efficiency in various processes. With automation of workflows, no-code tools allow for better visibility and ideal utilization of resources.  Customizable no-code applications also allow you to mitigate risks and boost productivity to sky-high levels.

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Let’s delve into how no-code for manufacturing can specifically benefit various processes.

No-Code for Manufacturing

1. Factory Inspection

Factory inspection is at the heart of quality control and improvements for any manufacturing company. As we all know, factory inspection reports help in enhancing productivity by identifying issues, decreasing defect rates, and bringing down rework and waste. Therefore, the data needs to be as accurate, rich, and insightful as possible to make sure that all these bases are covered. We can’t emphasize enough how no-code for manufacturing is the most ideal way of dealing with such data. 

With no-code automation, you can customize your factory visit forms to capture key parameters, photos, videos, and all other data you need to create a detailed and accurate plan and other details. Having all the data on a single application for a centralized record, document, and data management also leads to higher visibility and streamlining. 

2. Inventory and Procurement Management

Inventory and procurement management have a huge impact on bottom-line profits. Having a proper system in place not only enables smooth functioning of any manufacturing process but also brings down costs drastically. Your entire inventory can be optimized through a customized inventory management system, creating through a few clicks here and there without a single line of code. 

Automation allows you to make sure that you buy the right equipment at the right price at the right time by streamlining your procurement processes. It does so by enabling you to manage RFQ’s, negotiations, confirmations, and purchase orders through no-code solutions. You can also create and build automated workflows that streamline complex procedures. 

3. Asset Management and Maintenance

Effective asset management is the key to establish any smart factory. Making the right decision when it comes to choosing an asset management software is very important, especially if you’re looking to get ahead of the recent digital disruption. 

No-code for manufacturing allows you to create an online asset repository that has immeasurable benefits for your company. With automation, you can manage the maintenance of equipment through pre-configured preventive maintenance schedules with inbuilt reminders and notifications. This leads to the minimization of emergency repairs and reduced operational costs.

Watch Webinar: Asset Management made Easy, Manageable and Contextual with Quixy

4. No-Code for Manufacturing: Compliance Tracker

Manufacturing compliance is of the utmost importance to make sure that your company is meeting the expected operational standards. Having systems in place that understand various compliance procedures and communicate information in real-time is a must-have for any manufacturing company. 

No-code for manufacturing empowers companies to upgrade and accelerate project quality by automating quality assurance processes. Implementing a compliance tracker tool within your applications leads to enhanced on-site and remote quality assurance with issue detection, prediction, tracking, and resolution. You can also route workflows based on type, severity, or other parameters and stay up to date with the status of reported issues at any time.


5. Health and Safety

The health and safety of workers and resources are non-compromisable for any manufacturing company. By actively using EHS checklist apps, you can reduce the chances of any accidents. Incident reporting apps created through no-code for manufacturing also let field staff report any issues while capturing GPS location along with video or images. It also leads to speeding up incident resolutions by connecting the right people at the right time ensuring immediate attention.

6. Shop Floor Management

A shop floor in manufacturing involves numerous aspects including equipment to employee scheduling. Therefore, it is critical to keep everything in order. Without effective planning, errors are very likely to occur. Enters, shop floor management. It oversees and manages all aspects of factory floor management and operations.

Enable smooth shift handovers for workers with access to all the information they need. Effectively arrange jobs on the shop floor, track employee activity and ensure smart scheduling of activity.

7. Self Service Portals

Self-service portals created through no-code for manufacturing lead to a major boost in customer services and supplier inquiries with a system that tracks quotes, orders, inventory, POs, invoices, and more.  Your company can deepen supplier and vendor relationships and create value by identifying and selecting the best ways to provide services.

The opportunities that no-code for manufacturing brings to the table are endless. From increased collaboration among front-line and other workers to output maximization, automation is the way to create a future-ready manufacturing company that is ready to take any challenge head-on. 

8. Automating Customer Management

To avoid the number of customer queries and delays, businesses can create end-to-end contract management software. It will not only provide them with improved visibility on the status of the contract but will also help them to track it. Businesses can also create applications that send automated emails and notifications to clients with contract information who are 90, 60, or 30 days away from renewing their contracts, allowing them to better estimate income and cash flow.

9. Purchase Ledger Process Automation

Lack of visibility in invoices is one of the major reasons for inefficiency as cited by many companies. And a product cost is only determined after taking into various costs that have occurred while the manufacturing process. Creating a purchase ledger process automation will help you process invoices faster and will bring greater visibility to the users.

You can also avoid the time-consuming process of manually calculating the difference between the invoice value and the projected cost and delivering auto-generated reports to management for approval.

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To conclude all that we have been reiterating, no-code for automation has the potential to streamline and optimize every process of the manufacturing industry, leading to higher profitability, efficient collaboration, and better control. As the people who know the most about the problems get to solve the problem through no-code tools, the systems hence created are sustainable and pathbreaking. 

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is No-Code Manufacturing Software?

No-code manufacturing software enables the creation of digital applications and workflows without requiring traditional coding skills. It allows users to design, automate, and optimize manufacturing processes using intuitive visual interfaces, minimizing reliance on manual coding.

Q. How does No-Code Benefit Manufacturing Operations?

No-code streamlines manufacturing by enabling the rapid app development and deployment of tailored applications. It enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, accelerates processes, and empowers quick adaptations to evolving demands, all without extensive coding knowledge.

Q. Can Non-Technical Staff Use No-Code Platforms?

No-code platforms are designed for ease of use, allowing non-technical personnel to build and manage workflows. With simple drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built components, employees across various roles can create customized solutions without coding expertise.

Q. Is No-Code Customizable for Unique Manufacturing Needs?

Absolutely, no-code platforms offer extensive customization. They adapt to unique manufacturing workflows, accommodating specific needs through customizable modules, templates, and configurations, ensuring tailored solutions aligned with organizational requirements.

Q. What Security Measures are in Place with No-Code Solutions?

No-code solutions prioritize robust security measures. They implement encryption, access controls, and compliance standards, ensuring data protection and adherence to industry-specific security protocols within manufacturing environments.

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