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Streamlined process
Strengthen Processing

Consolidate all manufacturing data under one roof and access it on-the-go. Use our no-code platform to model, use, administer, and refine your organization-wide business processes for maximum output.

Maximize Output

End-to-end automation of processes to eliminate routine tasks. Coordinate, implement, and track a factory’s processes, resulting in tangible improvements in quality, efficiency, and productivity. Stamp out unforeseen obstacles and maximize output.

Seamless Collaboration

Build no-code applications to bring all task management to one platform. Standardize and automize manufacturing to build speed within processes. Create custom workflows to fit all project-based activities.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Factory Inspection

Factory Inspection

Customize your factory visit forms to capture key parameters, photos, videos, and all other data you need to create a detailed and accurate plan and other details. Have all data on a single application for a centralized record, document, and data management.

Inventory and Procurement Management

Ensure that you buy the right equipment at the right price at the right time by streamlining your procurement processes to manage RFQ’s, negotiations, confirmations, and Purchase Orders. Create and build automated workflows that streamline complex procedures. Optimize your entire inventory with customized inventory management software. 

inventory Management

Asset Management and Maintenance

Create an online asset repository. Manage the maintenance of equipment through pre-configured preventive maintenance schedules with inbuilt reminders and notifications. Minimize emergency repairs, and reduce operational costs.

Compliance Tracker

Upgrade and accelerate project quality by automating quality assurance processes. Implement a compliance tracker tool within your applications to enable your quality team to report compliance issues.  Enhance on-site & remote quality assurance with issue detection, prediction, tracking, and resolution. Route workflows based on type, severity, or other parameters and stay up to date with the status of reported issues at any time.

Compliance Tracker
Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Active use of EHS checklist apps reduces the chances of any accidents. Incident reporting apps let field staff report any issues while capturing GPS location along with video or images. Speed up incident resolution by connecting the right people at the right time ensuring immediate attention.

Self Service Portals

Boost customer services and supplier inquiries with a self-service portal that tracks quotes, orders, inventory, POs, invoices, and more.  Deepen supplier and vendor relationships and create value by identifying and selecting the best ways to provide services.

Self service portals

Automating Customer Management

Create an end-to-end contract management app for customers to avoid delays and reduce the number of queries. Send automated emails and notifications to customers with contract details, which are 90,60, or 30 days away from renewals, thereby efficiently predicting the revenue and cash flow cycle.

Purchase Ledger Process Automation

Procurement of material and cost associated adds up to the product’s final price. Avoid the manual paper chasing process of identifying the difference between invoice value and expected cost and sending auto-generated reports to the management for approval.

Purchase Ledger Process Automation
Shop floor management

Shop Floor Management

Ensure easy shift handovers for workers with the accessibility of all the information they need to complete their duties. Allow improvement suggestion requests from employees and automate tasks assignment based on factors like workgroups and areas.

Manufacturing Process Improvement Areas

Report Generation
Automate Report Generation for quality decision making
Monitor equipment performance
Automate distribution of KPI reports
Timesheet reminders to employees
Real-time access to information and easy tracking
Easy app integration for various software

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