• No-code for business departments
    No-Code for Business Departments to Empower and Streamline Operations across
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    Innovation was always depended on developers and people who could code, making it exclusive – until now! No-code is the revolution that lets anyone, and that means absolutely ANYONE, build an application. Do you have innovative ideas that will revolutionize every business department in your company, be it accounts, marketing or human resources, but need

    Low-Code No-Code App Development
    10 Top Reasons for IT to Consider Low-Code No-Code App Development
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    Low-code/no-code development is on the fast-track to being the norm. Organizations, large and small, have started embracing it thanks to the many benefits it showers to everyone involved. For anyone who is still not sure or still thinks why no-code? We list out 10 top reasons for IT to consider low-code no-code app development. Reason

    App development
    The Future of Software is No-Code and Low-Code Programming
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    It’s getting easier, you guys! In a few years from now, we are going to look back to the “good old days” with nostalgia and remember how we had to depend on a professional coder for the simplest of app developments. Thank you, no-code programming! According to Research and Markets, the low-code no-code market is

    approval process and workflow
    The Complete Guide to the Approval Process and Workflow
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    Work at any organization comes with multiple approval steps. Sometimes, we need approvals even before the work begins! The approval process and workflow are also not limited to just one department. From HR to operations and everything in between, managers and directors must give approvals before taking something forward. Sadly, manual approvals have been known

    No-code Strategies
    No-code strategies to transform technology into a productivity booster, not a time-sink
    Reading Time: 3 minutes

    This article was first published in TOI Reader’s Blog. “Empowering Citizen Developers to turn their ideas into reality without writing a single line of code – that’s the magic of No-Code Low-Code.” Are you tired of being bogged down by manual, time-consuming tasks? Enter the world of low-code and no-code automation! With low-code no-code strategies in

    Questions CIOs must ask
    15 Questions CIOs Must Ask Low-Code No-Code Vendors
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    We want everything to-go today – including enterprise-grade applications! Everything from work styles to the way we look at applications has changed drastically in the recent past. We now want everything quickly and integrated such that we can use it anytime and anywhere. The digital era has indeed taken over – finally. Matching this demand

    no code communities
    Top No-Code Citizen Development Communities you must follow in 2023
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    No-code development is no longer far-fetched. It’s the present and everywhere- buzzing and growing with its unbeatable features. No-code apps are booming and have transformed the industry with their ability to solve software hassles within minutes without any coding knowledge! No-code’s simplicity in mechanics such as drag-and-drop and choosing from the given options to build

    Automation Glossary
    Automation Glossary: Master the A to Z of Automation
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Like terminologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) a few years ago, new terms like Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have started to appear often in the IT and corporate technology debate. Organizations worldwide are simultaneously understanding the advantages of automation and working to incorporate it into their

    no-code development
    Everything you should know about No-Code Development
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    “App development? Ah, no! I am not a tech guy.” But what if you don’t have to be into tech at all? Say hello to the no-code development platform. Going by the name, we have heard many non-technical individuals say that it is too good to be true. We agree that it feels far-fetched, but

    Quixy team uses Quixy
    Transforming Operations: How Quixy Team uses Quixy to Enhance Efficiency
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    In today’s fast-paced business world, every organization strives to be more efficient and productive, Quixy team is no exception, as Quixy team uses Quixy Apps to manage their day-to-day tasks and streamline their workflows. Also, with a constantly evolving set of tools, features, integrations, and automation capabilities, Quixy has become an essential tool for businesses of all

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