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August 8, 2023
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Education is sometimes perceived as a sector which is resistant to change, while at the same time, it faces a crisis of productivity and efficiency. Innovation and automation reform could help improvise education standards and strengthen the foundation of a civilized and developed society. The advent of no-code in education can help build the leaders of tomorrow and prepare an individual to manage tasks or challenges efficiently.

Moreover, beyond all these factors, automation in the education space is also targeted to make the data safe and secure, along with streamlining the Purchase Request followed by Budget Allocation. Further, the workflow needs to be constructed so that the users logging in can receive timely tasks and track the approvals required. It simplifies the documentation process and avoids data breaches that could hamper institutional operations.

Challenges that Large Education Institutions face

Large education institutions such as Universities and Colleges generally have thousands of students and hundreds of faculty members apart from a few hundred support staff. When the process is manual, it leads to major delays in the approval process of the purchase requests made for the items required by the institution, like stationary, software etc.

Besides this, managing the finance and budget-related solutions involves a series of risk management while manually creating the purchase requests (PR).

In any educational institution, there could be multiple levels of the approval process comprising departments etc., and the budget to be spent on the purchase is predefined, so it was a challenge to keep in sync with all these factors simultaneously through a manual process. Further, keeping track of the products required in the inventory in appropriate quantity was also a major challenge for the institutions.

All these requests were being raised manually over email, which demands high-level information like software prices/licences but gives low visibility. Thus, the entire process fails to provide robustness & growth opportunities. There could be scenarios where the management might miss the emails about the purchase requests, which could delay the approval process.

Lastly, manually maintaining the Purchase Order (PO) after management’s approval & later by the finance team was quite a major challenge.

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How does automation with No-code in Education sector help?

No-code helps automate the organizational processes starting from creating the purchase request and then getting the approvals done on time without any miss. The no-code solutions are flexible and easy to understand, allowing users to carry out the operations smoothly with automated documentation creation as required.

No-code in education ensures easy access to information for all and enhanced process visibility. Many administrative tasks, like purchase requests, budget allocation, request approvals etc., get buried in the email trails, causing delays in the completion of tasks.

The learning industry can hugely benefit from no-code as it reduces the time duration of creating any application. For example, the purchase requests are to be approved without any miss. It also makes it easy for the management to keep track of the financial budget and use it efficiently.

How Quixy’s No-code capabilities can help?

Let’s go through the process to understand how Quixy provides flexibility in application development.

Once the User or the Admin is successfully logged in, the Dashboard page will be opened, which can be customized as per the requirement; therefore, if any report needs to be customized, that can be done from the dashboard. 

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Quixy’s Purchase Requisition Form No-Code Application

This is the initial phase where the user will start making the request and is the start of the Purchase Requisition. In this, the entire purchase request can be tracked based on PR ID, which is auto-generated. Moreover, whoever logs in with their details will be automatically fetched. Here are a few screenshots from the Quixy app.

Purchase Requisition Form
Purchase Requisition Form
Purchase Requisition Form

Now, once the requisition is submitted based on the department (as different users have different roles), the approver will receive the task (an email notifying about the task received), and the request can be Approved or Rejected. Check out the image below.

Purchase Requisition Form
Purchase Requisition Form

Further, based on the budget assigned (Monthly or Quarterly), the user will be notified whether the amount spent is within the budget or not. Also, the next purchase request that will be raised will show the remaining amount left in the budget that can be spent to purchase the items. 

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Open Document 

Purchase Requisition Form Document List

Here, it includes all the requisitions raised by the organization where the details related to the Purchase Order (PO) can be visualized. Moreover, if the user wants to show any extra field in the document, that can also be done. Further, to view the final document, click on the icon in the Document column, as shown below.  

Purchase Requisition Form Document
Purchase Requisition Form Document

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So, we saw that No-code in the education industry showcases various aspects of advanced mode for automating the processes using smartphones that have uplifted the institution’s success rate to a greater extent. No-code platform has emerged as a game changer and has provided the liberty of meeting the requirement using fewer resources and providing complete security solutions.

Why hesitate any longer? Get started with our platform, and experience the ease of automated processes and personalized app building.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is No-Code in the context of education?

No-code in education refers to the use of intuitive platforms or tools that don’t require programming knowledge, empowering educators and students to create applications, automate tasks, and enhance learning experiences without coding.

Q. How does No-Code benefit educational institutions?

No-Code simplifies app development and workflow automation, allowing educators to create personalized learning tools, streamline administrative tasks, and foster collaboration among students, ultimately improving efficiency and engagement.

Q. Who can utilize No-Code tools in the education sector?

No-code tools are accessible to educators, administrators, and students alike. Anyone with a need for customized applications or automated processes can leverage these tools to create solutions without technical expertise.

Q. What are some examples of No-Code applications in education?

No-Code tools can create interactive learning apps, assessment platforms, and student information systems and automate administrative tasks like grading, attendance tracking, or scheduling.

Q. How does No-Code contribute to educational reform and advancement?

No-Code democratizes technology by enabling educators to innovate without relying on specialized developers. This empowerment leads to increased agility, adaptability, and personalized learning experiences, shaping the future of education.

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