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Project Management

Project management applications to fast track the success of your organization

Project Management

Enable integrated no-code project management solutions

Collaborate for success

Build no-code applications to bring all employee task management to one platform. Standardize and automize project management to create familiarity and build speed within processes. Enable the creation of custom workflows to fit all project-based activities.

Task Management
Manage tasks for efficiency

Create tasks for in-house or on-field teams and organize them by priority through task management workflows. Agile project management systems enable you to set up notifications, and reminders help teams resolve tasks faster and record their speed through time tracking applications.

Decision making
Ensure faster and better decision making

Organize information with reports and dashboards. Customize project management applications to keep all parties involved up to date with project information and task status. Build customizable dashboards with actionable insights into team performance and productivity.

Build employee and project task management systems in minutes with the power of no-code

Project Management

Project Management

Manage and segregate your projects effectively and efficiently through agile project management processes. Enable automatic report creation and dashboards to stay up to date with project status, project cost, quality issues, team performance, and much more.

Task Management

Create tasks for you and your teams and customize them to be repeatable or ad–hoc. Enable simple workflows in just a few clicks to enable effective task management through clarifications and escalations of existing tasks to enhance productivity. Get instant access to the status of all tasks across any device.

Task Management
Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting (MoM)

Use project management applications to schedule and conduct meetings. Capture decisions and action items from each meeting directly into the application. Set up work task management reminders and escalations to ensure swift closure of action items.

Compliance Tracker

Upgrade project quality by automating quality assurance processes. Implement a compliance tracker tool within your applications to enable your quality team to report compliance issues. Route workflows based on type, severity, or other parameters and stay up to date with the status of reported issues at any time.

Compliance Tracker


Capture the exact time spent on various project activities such as project tasks, training, R&D, and meetings. Allow managers across workflows to view insights into overall project costs and team productivity with custom reports and dashboards with drill-down capability.

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