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AMA Session

AMA Session with Gautam Nimmagadda

These are live Q&A sessions, where Quixy platform users or those looking to evaluate Quixy can ask any questions about the product, suggest features, discuss product updates and roadmap, seek best practices or talk about issues and challenges using our products.

Live Webinar: Enable nimble Performance Appraisal Process with Quixy

In this webinar, we will explore how easy it is for anyone to create an appraisal management module with numerous features for employees, managers and HR managers to ensure an effective and smooth appraisal process.

Performance Appraisal Process
Multifold Possibilities with Integrations

Live Webinar: Unravel Multifold Possibilities with Integrations

In this webinar, we shall explore how Citizen developers can leverage and reuse their existing enterprise web services to create a truly connected ecosystem, the No-code way with and in Quixy.