No-code for business
Unleashing the Beast in 2021: No-Code for Business Problems

Reading Time: 8 minutes This article (Unleashing the Beast in 2021: No-Code for Business Problems) was first published on Customer Think As Chris Wansthrath, CEO of GitHub says, “The future of coding is no coding at all”, the greatest innovation of today is no-code for business solutions- from ground level processes to entire digital business strategies. 

rise of citizen developer
The Rise of the Citizen Developer and why should every business care?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Who is a Citizen Developer? A citizen developer is a non-professional developer who builds applications for use by other people. Although they do not report directly to IT, they use tools such as low-code platforms that are sanctioned by IT. Coding is dead. Long live no-code. All hail Citizen Developers. Businesses across

Govern Citizen Development
How to Implement and Govern Citizen Development in Your Organization

Reading Time: 4 minutes Citizen development has suddenly become a common term with many individuals and companies throwing it around in casual speech. This has led to a fair amount of confusion and misconception. In fact, in many instances shadow IT and citizen development are being superimposed. Before we speak about how to implement and

GIFing you an Insight into No-Code
GIFing you an Insight into No-Code

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all love a good GIF to convey what no image or text can; in the same way, no-code can convey ease and agility to your business like nothing else can. Understanding new concepts by reading blog after blog can be quite taxing, especially when you have the motive to learn

Citizen Development
Citizen Development: Your one-way ticket to the future

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whether big or small, companies are looking at digitally transforming their operations to improve productivity, stay competitive, and adapt to the changing business environment. These companies rely heavily on their IT department to meet their software applications needs for digital initiatives. Overwhelmed with software requirements from across business units, IT departments

process automation
How Process Automation Accelerates Digital Transformation

Reading Time: 7 minutes What if you could share organizational data across departments and ensure that everyone has timely access to information; and what if certain events in one department automatically triggered work streams in another? Well, you can. This can be done with process automation. An effective system to automate your business processes can

legal Process Automation
Legal Process Automation: 5 bonafide apps to Ignite Order Justice with No-Code

Reading Time: 7 minutes Legal process automation can boost lawyers’ efficiency and help achieve excellence.  How? Let’s start.  Law firm’s legal departments – the legal sector, in general, are constantly under pressure from all angles – corporate regulations to court orders and to rapid corporate and business model change prompted by various factors, especially the

Build vs. Buy
Trying to choose between Build Vs. Buy? 8 Reasons for building your own apps with No-Code

Reading Time: 10 minutes In this ever-changing business world, businesses are trying to adapt to new situations and requirements daily. Every business is now looking towards meeting customer demands quickly in ways that are efficient for employees and staff. This is where specific tools are needed to solve problems that are hindering employees from working

Digital Business Strategy
Digital Business Strategy Post-COVID-19: Top 5 Goals to Accelerate Business

Reading Time: 9 minutes This article (Digital business strategy post-Covid-19: Top 5 goals to accelerate business ) was first published on ITProPortal Digital business strategy in organizations around the globe has made us see some major wrecking in 2020. The pandemic has very evidently left the phrase “business is as usual” in a faraway land and

COTS vs No-code
COTS vs. No-Code: Which is better?

Reading Time: 7 minutes John opens his laptop and logs in for the day. As per the discussion with his team on the previous day, he needs a software to manage tasks and keep a track of all his vendors and suppliers for their upcoming project.  As if reminiscing a terrible memory, he thinks about

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