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Customer Service

Power excellent customer service and drive customer satisfaction with no-code

No-code for Customer Service

Ensure happy and satisfied customers with our no-code platform

Enriched Conversations
Enriched Conversations

Streamline and enrich conversations with customers by automating processes and having consolidated customer data. Proactively solve issues and automate common requests and drive quality conversations with customers. 

Personalized Experience
Personalized Experience

Gain insights into customer data to develop a holistic view of the customer and match representatives suitable for the customer to drive personalization. Easily access data in real-time with no-code.

Dashboards & Actionable Insights

Plan your next customer acquisition strat with detailed data generated from customer service apps. Generate advanced reports and dashboards to deep-dive into customer pain points and brownie points to gain insights.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Support Ticket

Ticket Requests and Support

Automate ticket requests with no-code and deal with ticket requests from any channel — email, web, social, phone, or chat. Provide ease and comfort to users with automated responses and, quickly find what they need to minimize their frustration drive satisfaction.

Customer Complaints & FAQs

Automate and optimize customer complaints with no-code. Monitor questions and issues to identify problems and notify impacted customers. Fix issues faster by analyzing workflow trends and enhancing automation and efficiency. 

case management

Case Management

Enhance self‑service and case resolution by instantly recognizing and visualizing knowledge gaps using no-code. Automatically assign the respective personnel issues for resolution. Automate common requests and manage relationships with real-time data on customer calls.

Customer Self-Service Portals

Drive customer satisfaction with comprehensive and accessible customer service portals. Allow customers to maintain their profile and help personalize their experience across channels. Integrate knowledge and action with catalogs, FAQs, and communication. 

Self service portals

Manage Customer Insights

Capture customer data using any device without the need for spreadsheets. Configure trigger alerts and follow-ups with ease and send system-generated documents to extend the value of your CRM environment. Automate issue identification and resolve them immediately.  

Feedback System

Use form automation and go paperless to collect feedback and ensure an automated feedback system from customers as per your requirements. Set customizable parameters relevant to the business’ customer experience and offerings and enable regular feedback and resolution. 


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