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Empower the Sales Team

The sales team is the key revenue-generating department in any organization. Power them with efficient, paperless, standardized and continually optimized workflow-based processes and data

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Paperless Data Collection

Get rid of the inefficiencies from using paper-based forms and workflows. Create apps to collect customer information, order details, purchase requests, cancellation requests, and get realtime access to the submitted data.

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Real-time access to information

From lead information and quotation status to sales reports, the sales team can use any device from anywhere to access and track relevant data. Reports and dashboards provide actionable insights. 

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes


Sales CRM

Create a central hub for sales automation including contact, account, and opportunity management. Facilitate the sales department in maintaining customer history and key contact information.  

Manage Leads

Capture lead data using any device without the need for spreadsheets. Configure trigger alerts and follow-ups with ease and send system-generated documents to extend the value of your CRM environment.

Manage leads
Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

Create and maintain the up to date product and services catalog in a central repository. Structure the information based on factors like price, model, specifications, etc. as per the business needs. 

contract management

Contract Management

Auto-generate sales contracts based on information captured in the CRM and push them through the automated workflows for stakeholder’s reviews and approvals. Eliminate delays from using manual processes.

Performance Management

Get real-time access to sales performance data for products, services, and the sales team. Create custom reports and charts and add them to your dashboard for anytime access.

Performanc Management

The impact is huge

Sunworks Casestudy

Sunworks Case Study

20% improvement in sales conversion

"The enterprise of today uses multiple tools to manage business productivity across different teams., most of which work in a silo. This usually requires integrations to be built for information flow to be seamless and decision-making to be faster. These integrations are expensive, repetitive and require technical expertise to sync APIs, cron jobs and connectors.

This is squarely where Quixy fits in. By allowing our folks to use simple UI tools to rapidly build business processes, we have seen increased collaboration amongst our sales, operations and marketing teams where information updates are near real-time."
Aditya Vuchi
Aditya Vuchi
Co-founder, Zippr

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