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Accelerating IT Development with No-Code

Globally, it is well understood that digitization is the way to create value and continue innovation for businesses. In such a scenario, the CIOs, CTOs and IT Leaders must choose the right business application platforms since packaged software solutions cannot meet every business’s unique requirements. Quixy’s no-code development platform allows organizations to reduce the IT backlog by creating applications, automating workflows, and seamlessly integrating them into the IT landscape without compromising data security.

Why do CIOs, CTOs and IT Leaders choose Quixy?


Enterprise-grade Data Security and Privacy

Security and privacy of data is a genuine concern for every IT Leader, and Quixy recognizes this need. Quixy ensures appropriate controls are in force at each stage, including application design, development, release, hosting, and maintenance. So that the client can be confident of this, the security and privacy controls at Quixy comply with and are certified against the best industry standards, including ISO 27001, SOC2 Type2, and GDPR.


Bridging the Business and IT Gap

Shadow IT is a reality today and a significant challenge for any IT team. It poses security risks making systems vulnerable to attacks as unsecured processes are given entry into the organization. Quixy helps IT Leaders address the ever-rising IT backlog issue by enabling business users to build applications themselves without compromising data security through necessary governance and in-built guardrails.


Accelerating Digital Ambition

Quixy provides a foundation for business process automation and application development in the organization and invites innovation from everybody. Applications can be developed 10X faster and provide agility to accommodate any changes in business requirements at any time. This, along with seamless integration capability, removes application silos and creates systems with no data redundancy.


Scalable Innovation 

Quixy furthers innovation by empowering every business user to build applications for their unique challenges without depending entirely on IT. Since anybody in the organization can now build applications, the burden for recruiting or hiring professional developers who are expensive and not readily available is significantly eased. The democratization of software development also boosts employee morale and job satisfaction.


Built for the Future

With advanced integration capability enabling the breaking of silos in the IT landscape, Quixy’s platform allows seamless integration with applications in the IT landscape. Maintaining the applications and modifying them based on evolving business requirements is easier than you can imagine. Quixy is revolutionalizing how the applications are build and maintained, thus leading to more efficient work processes in companies worldwide.


Become a Catalyst

Quixy empowers CIOs, CTOs and IT Leaders lead the digital movement and become the catalyst in business that considers every aspect of the digital environment to govern the processes, people, and data associated with it. Quixy provides the necessary acceleration and agility to enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

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