• Future of work Hybrid, remote, AI
    Future of Work: What’s In Store For Your Organization? 
    Reading Time: 5 minutes

    As organizations gear up to thrive in 2023, it is essential to understand the trends shaping workplaces. In an ever-dynamic business environment, it is necessary to be agile and prepared for many disruptions that might come the way of organizations. Therefore, having a strong focus on the “future of work” is an absolute necessity.  So,

    Business process management
    Business Process Management – The What, Why, and How
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    Among the many daunting phrases in the business world is “Business Process Management (BPM)”. Three critical and complicated aspects of work come together to form one niche (and one phrase) and that is why we need to tread carefully here. But, what if we told you that it is not very difficult? What if we

    Tips to build effective Team collaboration
    Effective Team Collaboration: Why Is It So Important? And 5 Tips to Build.
    Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Organizations after organizations have realized this- their employees are the most important driver of their competitive advantage. This makes employee collaboration of the utmost importance, as it allows a bunch of talented professionals to bring in the best of their work and ideas and allows them to build on it. Therefore, today’s digital workplaces emphasize

    Digital workplace
    Beginner’s Guide to Digital Workplace – All You Need to Know
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    Today, we shall talk about a concept that combines two of the most used words in recent times – digital and workplace. That’s right, this article is dedicated to the digital workplace, which is currently the need of the hour. What is a Digital Workplace? The digital workplace is the use of digital transformation at

    Automation in the workplace
    Automation in the Workplace: If you’re not Automating, What are you really doing?
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This article was first published on Read Write. Automation today is different from the robot takeover that most people envisioned: automation now refers to platforms and systems that allow a layman to accelerate efficiency through digital means. As a result, manual efforts are minimized, making business processes more cost-efficient, error-proof, and consistent. Additionally, the saved

    digital transformation
    Digital Transformation Demystified !!
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Digital transformation in businesses has now become imperative. In a recent survey, 87% of participating business leaders said they feel at risk if they fail to digitally innovate. The same message is coming across from every conference, keynote, panel discussion, articles, analyst report, or study related to how businesses can remain competitive and relevant as the

    Citizen Development
    The Pros and Cons of Citizen Development
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    This article (The Pros and Cons of Citizen Development) was first published on Thrive Global If you and your business have been to any tech conferences, we are absolutely sure that the conversation there was that digital transformation is the way forward for all businesses. While the obvious meaning of this is that there will

    legal Process Automation
    Legal Process Automation: 5 bonafide apps to Ignite Order Justice with No-Code
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Legal process automation can boost lawyers’ efficiency and help achieve excellence.  How? Let’s start.  Law firm’s legal departments – the legal sector, in general, are constantly under pressure from all angles – corporate regulations to court orders and to rapid corporate and business model change prompted by various factors, especially the pandemic.  It is no

    Remote Work
    5 ways how Remote Work can improve your Company Culture
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    This article (5 ways how Remote Work can improve your Company Culture) was first published on Customer Think. The pandemic, as we all know, has permanently changed the way workplaces function. Even when normalcy is restored, it is common knowledge that a hybrid model, instead of a fully in-office model will drive workplaces. There has

    hassle free software
    Say Goodbye to Your Software Hassles with No-Code
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    This article (Say Goodbye to Your Software Hassles with No-Code) was first published on The Next Tech When you go to work every day, you want to be efficient and productive. You want to work on innovative stuff that adds value to you and the business. Don’t you? But what is the reality? Instead of innovating,

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