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Accelerate procurement performance with intelligent auomation


Empower your team with our no-code platform

Streamline processes
Streamline Processes

Use our BPM platform to model, use, administer, and refine your organization-wide business processes for maximum output. Make changes to processes in a snap without breaking any functionality. 

Accelerate processing
Accelerate Processing

Consolidate all procurement data in one place and access it on-the-go. Accelerate processing of purchase orders and requisition, vendor management, impacting you and your team’s overall performance and enhance value.

Spend control & Integrations

Optimize spend with tailor-made rules, insights, and approvals. Connect and streamline your procurement data and eliminate bottlenecks in procurement processes.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Automate and optimize your business’s entire purchase order cycle to deliver better services while saving costs. Issue POs and generate orders automatically from approved purchase requests. Place purchase orders for inventory and non-inventory deliverables.

Purchase Requisition

Paperless automated forms help you capture, approve, and keep track of purchase requests.  Let your managers and decision-makers create new purchase requisitions with detailed data about suppliers, available budgets, inventories, and more.

Ensures a faster way to reduce the ordering cycle. Get more done and boost productivity reducing overall staffing costs.

Purchase Requisition
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Transform the way you perform vendor onboarding, registration, and qualification with the vendor management app. An easy-to-use, efficient platform that informs you and keeps you updated on approved contracts and payment status. You and your teams can gain insights and keep track of their payments using their invoices without depending on the buyer to get the details.

Invoice & Payments

Avoid invoice chaos by automating invoice management. Approve your invoices on the go and enables buttery smooth processes. Auto-approvals and integrations with finance and accounting tools ensure saving yours and your team’s time and costs.

Invoice Management
Contract Management

Contract Management

Dump repetitive manual tasks that cause hick-ups across the organization by transforming contract management digitally. Enable systematic organization of all contracts in a central repository accessible within a click. Deepen supplier and vendor relationships and create value by identifying and selecting the best ways to manage contracts.


Provide your procurement teams an organized system to navigate through all data- suppliers, POs, negotiation deals, etc. and gains insights on key metrics such as unplanned costs, the status of deliveries, etc.


The impact is huge


Vance & Health Case Study

30% improvement in procurement efficiency

"The enterprise of today uses multiple tools to manage business productivity across different teams., most of which work in a silo. This usually requires integrations to be built for information flow to be seamless and decision-making to be faster. These integrations are expensive, repetitive and require technical expertise to sync APIs, cron jobs and connectors.

This is squarely where Quixy fits in. By allowing our folks to use simple UI tools to rapidly build business processes, we have seen increased collaboration amongst our sales, operations and marketing teams where information updates are near real-time."
Aditya Vuchi
Aditya Vuchi
Co-founder, Zippr

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