About Us

Disruption. It’s about throwing away the known and embracing the unknown. It’s about thinking and doing anew. It’s about freedom – unlimited expanses of it that gives one wings to soar. So how do you bring in disruption at the workplace? How do you rewrite the rules as you know it? Meet Quixy – the solution that’s here to help transform enterprises with agility, speed and openness. Quixy is a cloud-based digital transformation platform that empowers users with no coding skills to automate business processes and build unlimited applications, using simple drag and drop design. Quixy is at least ten times faster than conventional methods of bringing in transformation through automation.

Quixy is agile and flexible, resulting in improved efficiency in all processes and openness at all levels. By offering valuable data in real time, Quixy facilitates monitoring of all areas and provides scope for improvement on an on-going basis.

Disruption is here to stay. With Quixy.

About our team

We are powered by a diverse team of passionate and exceptional talent, go-getters and dreamers who are here to challenge the status quo and disrupt how things are done today. Our approach gives individuals greater ownership of work and input into decisions and makes for a more efficient and happier workplace.

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