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Digital Transformation
Make your Digital Transformation a reality

Leverage our no-code BPM and application development platform to reduce your application backlogs significantly, slash development costs, and automate operational processes and workflows while getting real-time visibility into overall operations.

Citizen Services
Offer delightful Citizen Services

Deliver delightful citizen experiences by enabling self-service Citizen Portals where citizens can request services without the hassle to visit any local offices. Also provide up-to-date status of citizen request through the portal and email/SMS notifications.

Collaborate across Government Departments

Collaboration and communication across government departments is the key to effective governance. Eliminate information silos and remove manual processes between government departments to achieve cross-agency collaboration.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Digital Operations

Digital Operations: Reduce Inefficiency and Increase Agility

Eliminate manual processes e.g. service connection requests etc. that still involve paper forms. Also replace point solutions that are working in silos causing headaches for IT and operations.  

Citizens Portals and Self-Service

Deliver engaging citizen experience through online citizen portals accessible from anywhere using any device. Citizens can request service or check the status of their existing requests in real-time. 

Citizens Portals and Self-Service
Project Management

Project Management

Manage your projects e.g laying roads, building reservoirs, etc. effectively and efficiently by automating different project activities through workflows. Get real-time status of project tasks based on data entered by the field staff from anywhere using any device. 

Field Operations

Reduce costs and efficiencies related to manual data collection for on-field activities followed by manual data entry into IT systems. Enable field staff to collect service or inspection data using any device that can become available on the central server in real-time. 

Field Operations
Command and Control Dashboard

Command and Control Dashboard

Setup configurable command and control dashboard that provides actionable insights into data from various applications for informed and effective decision making. Leverage advanced charting and reporting tools for indepth analysis. 

Compliance Management

Compliance with mandated requirements is very critical for any government body. Build and maintain checklists to capture compliance data using any device from anywhere and access it in real-time from the central server.  

Compliance Management

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