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Empower Knowledge

Embark on a route that involves learning and creative thinking. Impart value education with innovation and critical thinking processes. Simplify and automate students’ university interactions with our no-code apps.

Streamline Communication
Streamline Communication

Streamline communnication by automating processes so thar approvals can be sought and get review notifications. Consolidate the feedback system to ensure seamless processing. Feedback and approvals are transparent are time-stamped.

Going Paperless
Go Paperless with Document Generation

Design templates and use data from the apps to generate documents on the fly without having to prepare them manually. This may include generating reports, worksheets, marksheets, invoices, bills, school labels, etc.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Course Registration & Student Onboarding

Develop and innovate with electronic admissions applications from pre-school to university. With no-code, no worries about missing pages or coffee-stained forms. Automatically process applications to the right person.

Set up automatic email or text alerts for key personnel to be triggered whenever an application arrives. Eliminate manual errors with the help of online course registration and promptly receive neatly filled student enrollment lists.

Assessment and Grading

Automate and optimize the grading and assessment system by going paperless. Set marking criteria, systemize grading, and automated submissions. Eliminate manual processes and save time and paper. Digitize and improve the feedback process with the feedback app. This app can also enable reminders and tracking for all important dates, activities, appointments, tasks, meetings, etc. with teachers and staff.

Assessment and Grading
Class Scheduing

Class Scheduling

Eliminate glitches and overlaps in timetables with the smart class scheduling app. Enhance time-management for administrators and teachers by pre-scheduling and easy accommodation of appointments and classes. Provide faster notifications and streamline communication with flexible and easily accessible apps, while automatically addressing inquiries.

Attendance Tracking

Get rid of those thick registers and notebooks by digitizing attendance. Digital attendance records can be automatically stamped with date and time, and teachers can click “present” or “absent” for each student and send a report to the office immediately.  Stop searching for data by having individual reports and records in one place.

Attendance Tracking
Task Management

Task Management

Create tasks for you, your teams, and classrooms and customize them to be repeatable or ad–hoc. Enable simple workflows in just a few clicks to enable effective task management through clarifications and escalations of existing tasks to enhance productivity. Get instant access to the status of all tasks and assignments across any device.

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