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IT Operations

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Streamlined process
Streamline Operations

Streamline operations and easily create custom applications to support the company’s business processes and maintain compliance with the mandated IT and security requirements.

Focus on Core IT

Empower your IT team to remove inefficiencies from their manual processes so that they can focus on valueadding core IT activities and provide the support other teams needs more efficiently. 

Self service portals
Self Service Portals

Create a self-service portal for employees to submit a service request or report an incident. Provide access to FAQs so that employees can resolve minor issues on their own.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Service Request Management

Service Request Management

Receive various types of service requests (change requests, issues, incidents, or problems) from your employees or external users and route the requests based on pre-set rules and track the service requests to closure through Service Request Management. 

Asset Management

Create and maintain a database of the entire company’s hardware and software assets. Track your assets maintenance schedules, software patching and maintain compliance with applicable IT policies

Asset Management
Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Let your employees report incidents using any device from anywhereAnalyze, and resolve it before it turns into crisis/disaster and to prevent a future re-occurrence. Restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the impact on business operations by: 

Support FAQ

Setup and maintain a FAQ database that is accessible to both the employees and the help desk agents. Ensure faster resolution of issues from your customers through effective FAQ management.

Support FAQ
Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Automating the employee onboarding is also crucial from the IT side. This includes handling tasks such as configuring new users, create an email, set up computer systems, etc. 

Employee Off-boarding

Automating the employee off-boarding includes handling tasks such as removing user access, email backup, take custody of computer systems, etc. 

Vendor and Contract Management

Any IT team works with multiple hardware, software, and internet bandwith vendors. Effective engagement requires online systems to manage and track agreements, renewalsasscociated SLAs, and disputes. 

Contract Management

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