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Administration & Operations

Accelerate your operations & get rid of front-desk chaos with the power of no-code

No-code for administration & operations

Empower your team with our no-code platform

Modernize Scheduling

Transform the way you schedule visits and meetings with our no-code platform. Collect important details like name, purpose of visit/meeting and photograph beforehand and automate the process for a seamless experience.

Going Paperless
Go Paperless

Design templates and use data from the apps to generate documents on the fly without having to prepare them manually. This may include generating forms, invoices, bills etc. Set up notifications, and reminders to improve efficiency.

Asset Management
Enhance Asset Management

Use our platform to handle the organization’s assets by creating an online asset repository. Manage the maintenance of equipment and minimize emergency repairs, and reduce operational costs.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Appointments & Visits

Manage Appointments & Visits

Build apps to collect information online, purpose of meeting and more. Enhance scheduling with an online calendar and book appointments smoothly and ditch the continuous back and forth of emails. Fast-track paperless processes to seamlessly allow new projects and tasks to get started.

Front-desk Management

Deploy apps to declutter the desk. Automate processes and ensure lesser emails and paper-trails and reduce complexity. Simply view pending requests to monitor, follow-up and plan courses of actions. Administrators and operators can easily check the status of requests, push urgent tasks, send automated reminders for meetings etc.

Front-desk management
Task Management

Task Management

Create tasks for you and your teams and customize them to be repeatable or ad–hoc. Enable simple workflows in just a few clicks to enable effective task management through clarifications and escalations of existing tasks to enhance productivity. Get instant access to the status of all tasks across any device.


Capture the exact time spent on various projects and operational activities such as project tasks, training, and meetings. Allow managers across workflows to view insights into administrative spends and team productivity with custom reports and dashboards with drill-down capability.

Timesheets and management
Meetings Booking

Conferences & Meetings Booking

Create an app to pre-collect information and book halls and meetings rooms for conferences. Ensure details like meeting equipment, requirements, attendee details and set up reminders. Allow automated check-ins and assign seats with online arrangements. Include field for taking notes during and also online feedback forms.

Travel Management

Automate end-to-end Travel Management workflows with no-code. From flight details to managing passport info, or even accounting for daily travel expenses – build no-code apps to streamline employee travel.

Seamlessly handle employee travel requests, record details of departure and arrival dates, purpose of  travel, and accommodations. View travel requests by classifying approval status, with detailed reports and track expenses on the go. 

Travel Management
Inbound Outbound Couriers

Inbound & Outbound Couriers

Monitor and automatically record inbound and outbound deliveries. Deploy apps to enter and optimize courier management like warehouse details, delivery details, sender address etc. Create tasks for outbound deliveries and manage timings, records and track packages easily. Record information on delivery duties such as delivery records, reports, couriers, policies, and managing resources.

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