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Everything you need to build applications fast

Build User Interface the way you want it

Use Quixy’s drag and drop UI builder to build the interface the way you want it.

Form Builder
Workflow Builder

Model processes and build workflows

With Quixy, you can use an easy-to-use visual interface to model any process and build simple complex workflows in just a few minutes.

So that you can get started with the platform on day 1, the platform offers ready-to-use apps for common processes across most organizations. These include an applicant tracking system, employee onboarding, leave management, project and task management, IT service request management, travel and expense management, CRM, etc.  These apps can be used as-is or modified as per the organization’s requirements.

Quixy’s rules engine allows you to configure all your business rules and validations without having to write any code. Control access to form data at the field level to control who can edit or see the information and at what stage of the process workflow.

Using the advanced functionality of data tables and functions, Quixy’s allows storing a wide variety of data like images, documents, numbers, etc. in data tables while allowing CRUD operations to manipulate the data. An example may be updating the leave balance for an employee as part of the leave application process.

Leverage Quixy’s out-of-the-box connectors, webhooks and integrations to sync data seamlessly across enterprise and 3rd party systems. Furthermore, Quixy and Zapier duo brings 3000 more hassle-free possibilities to integrate Quixy apps with enterprise systems.

Test your app with Quixy’s inbuilt simulator that allows testing across all possible workflow paths with ease. The simulator also allows you to test the app for desktop and mobile versions.

With Quixy, you can build apps in minutes and deploy them with a click of a button with no downtime using the continous deployment approach. Whether it’s adding new fields or additional workflow steps, the published apps can be modified quickly with the “QuickEdit” feature and redeployed at any time without having to take the application offline. 

Quixy helps speed up business operations through the use of inbuilt task notifications, reminders, and escalations at each step of the workflow process. These notifications may be sent through email or SMS and can be customized using a rich text editor. Live data from the app may be embedded in the notification templates and rules may be configured using values from the app to customize notifications.

Work your way, any day, every day

Use anywhere, anytime using any device

Quixy platform can be accessed from anywhere using any browser on any device. Quixy native apps are also available on Android and iOS. Also, the platform is available for offline usage i.e. one can continue working even without internet connectivity. The data collected during offline mode is automatically synced once the data connectivity is restored.

Quixy Responsive Devices
Task Management

Manage tasks easily and effectively

Quixy’s task management functinality allows users to group their tasks by status, created date, app, workspace etc. Users may also filter or sort the tasks using the same parameters. Users may also take action on multiple tasks at the same time. The pending task dashlet in the user dashboard provides action buttons to further speed up operations.

Document Generator for faster, error-free operations

Use data from various applications built on the Quixy platform to generate documents on the fly without having to prepare them manually. This may include generating payslips, preparing purchase orders and invoices, creating sales quotations, contracts, and complex reports, etc. You can use the document designer to design the document the way you want as per your business or branding requirements.

Document Generator

Get real-time, actionable insights into business operations

Data Sources for the wider view

This powerful feature allows users to combine data from multiple apps, data tables, or a combination of both. These can be compared to views in a typical database management system. These data sources can then be used to generate reports that provide a more comprehensive 360 degree view of the operations.

Data Sources

Reports that give you actionable insights

With Quixy’s reports, users can monitor apps and process performance to uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the system. Reports also provide actionable insights into trends, resource utilization, etc. for informed decision making.

Build your own dashboard

Every user can build and configure their own dashboard with Quixy. They can choose the data, reports, and charts that they wish to see as soon as they log in to the platform giving them the control their need on their work. Dashboards can be configured to provide easy access to announcements, repositories, performance data, pending tasks, shortcuts to use an app, etc.


Enterprise-Level Governance and Security

Hosted on the cloud, Quixy provides the scalability any business may need.On the security front, Quixy is certified to be compliant with the strictest set of ISO / IEC 27001:2013 Information Security System controls and SOC 2 Type 2 requirements that govern the complete product life cycle – product development, delivery, support, and other related operations. Features like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and OTP based Customer Support Access ensures that data is always protected.Quixy is hosted in the AWS cloud that itself is SOC 2 and ISO / IEC 27001:2013 compliant.

Quixy’s platform has the inbuilt controls to meet all enterprise requirements without any modifications. These include:

  1. Hosting on private cloud
  2. Roles and permissions
  3. Audit trail
  4. IP filtering
  5. SSO
  6. Custom password policies
  7. Two-step authentication
  8. White labelling
  9. Offline billing
  10. Customizable themes to match company branding

The on-boarding support gets you up and running on the Quixy platform in no time while the free access to the comprehensive knowledge base ensures that the users can get answers to their questions at any time. The users can always write to the support team for any queries or open a support ticket in case they run into an issue. Enterprise accounts get a dedicated customer success manager.