• No-Code Agencies
    Top 13 No-Code Agencies for 2024
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    According to Gartner, 65% of app activity will result from no-code development by 2024. Some no-code platforms are pretty complicated and not easy to learn, but the primary purpose of no-code is to allow people who need coding skills to build their products. Suppose you want to avoid time figuring everything out yourself. You may

    No-code low-code citizen development event Summit
    Top 7 No-Code Low-Code Citizen Development Events that you can’t afford to miss
    Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Imagine conferences, meetups, and events as not just places to swap business cards, but as vibrant hubs where ideas flow freely. In the world of no-code and low-code citizen development, these gatherings are like family reunions for builders who prefer clicks over code. You’re not just there to learn; you’re there to be inspired, make

    Business Process Automation
    Top 10 Business Process Automation Benefits
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Business process automation is rapidly becoming a strategic enabler of market control. Technological innovations and the growth of cloud computing facilitated the transformation of business processes from ‘re-engineering’ to ‘automation’. Today, the aim is to maximize automation rather than re-engineer it. But why? What are the real business process automation benefits? Let’s learn about the

    Workflow Automation Software
    Top 10 Workflow Automation Software for your Business 
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Do you know 90% of your employees are being hindered by repetitive tasks that can be automated? If you aim to avoid this hindrance, workflow automation software is your solution. Workflow automation software will help you automate mundane tasks and make your overall business processes efficient, thereby helping you save 20%-30% of revenue per year.

    80+ Eye-Opening Social Media Statistics for Every Channel
    80+ Eye-Opening Social Media Statistics for Every Channel
    Reading Time: 10 minutes

    “The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” -Jay Baer When it comes to digital marketing, Social media platforms are incredibly important. With 9 out of 10 internet users using social one or the other social media platform, it is out of the question to leave such a valuable

    Meeting Statistics
    25 Incredible Meeting Statistics: Virtual, Zoom & Productivity
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    Are you someone who attends too many meetings in a week and finds it difficult to focus on your work? Or someone who often falls asleep during a meeting? Well, in that case, you are not alone. The trend of virtual and in-person meetings has been on the rise over the past two decades. This

    AI tool
    Stay Ahead of the Curve: Top AI Tools You Need to Consider in 2024 for Enhanced Productivity!
    Reading Time: 10 minutes

    AI has become an integral part of our lives in today’s digital age. And has transformed the way we work, communicate, and consume information. Artificial Intelligence technology is transforming businesses’ operations, making processes more efficient and increasing productivity. AI tools can help businesses automate repetitive tasks, increase productivity, improve the quality of work, streamline workflows,

    Top CIO Conferences & Events to attend in India in 2024
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    When the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown stopped work and life, technology found an enormous relief as individuals were in a position to attempt to do too many things essentially. Official meetings and conferences were held utilizing different online stages, instructions on the web, utility administrations, and working with online classes, meetings, bits of preparation, and

    No-Code App Builders
    Top No-Code App Builders for 2024
    Reading Time: 10 minutes

    Has it ever happened that you came up with a brilliant idea for an app, but the IT team couldn’t execute it because of time constraints? You don’t have to depend on your IT staff as you can build applications yourself. We are talking about no-code app development tools here. With these tools, you can

    Process Improvement
    5 ways to drive Process Improvement in your Organization
    Reading Time: 9 minutes

    Process improvement is extremely important, as it leads to the elimination of redundancies and bottlenecks that lead to productivity and deadline issues. It requires a proper identification of business requirements of processes and evaluating the scope of improvement. In a highly competitive business environment, process improvement is crucial for organizations to stay a step ahead. 

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