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Energy and Utilities

Power your projects with no-code BPM

Empower your team with our no-code platform

Optimize Processes

Use our BPM platform to model, deploy, monitor, and optimize your organization-wide business processes for maximum efficiency. Make changes to processes in a snap without jeopardizing the production setup.  

Collaboration and Visibility

Empower your in-house and field staff to collaborate on a unified platform using automated processes and workflows that create accountability at each process step while providing visibility into overall operations.

Compliance Management

Compliance with mandated requirements is very critical for any energy or utility company. Build and maintain checklists to capture compliance data using any device from anywhere and access it in real-time from the central server.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Project Management

Manage your projects effectively and efficiently by automating different project activities through workflows. Get real-time status of project tasks based on data entered by the field staff from anywhere using any device. 

Program Rollups

Use reports and configurable dashboards to get the visibility you need with real-time field data that summarize progress across projects and improves stakeholder confidence and trust. 

Field Operations

Improve collaboration among project teams, vendors, and clients, over automated processes and workflows. Identify bottlenecks and capture issues in real-time. Save time with accurate resource management.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Create an online asset repository. Manage the maintenance of equipment through pre-configured preventive maintenance schedules with inbuilt reminders and notifications. Minimize emergency repairs, and reduce operational costs.

Health and Safety

Active use of EHS checklist apps reduces the chances of any accidents. Incident reporting apps let stakeholders report any issues while capturing GPS location along with video or images. Speed up incident resolution by connecting the right people at the right time. 

The impact is huge

Sunworks Casestudy

Sunworks Case Study

20% improvement in sales conversion

"The enterprise of today uses multiple tools to manage business productivity across different teams., most of which work in a silo. This usually requires integrations to be built for information flow to be seamless and decision-making to be faster. These integrations are expensive, repetitive and require technical expertise to sync APIs, cron jobs and connectors.

This is squarely where Quixy fits in. By allowing our folks to use simple UI tools to rapidly build business processes, we have seen increased collaboration amongst our sales, operations and marketing teams where information updates are near real-time."
Aditya Vuchi
Aditya Vuchi
Co-founder, Zippr

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