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Streamline your e-commerce business processes with no-code

No-code for e-commerce

Ensure employee and customer satisfaction with our no-code platform

Decreased Workload
Decrease Workload

Use our platform to streamline your e-commerce business processes so employees do not have to waste their time doing repetitive tasks and can focus on adding constructive value to the organization.

Supply chain
Supply Chain Functions

The supply chain is greatly facilitated by automating workflow through smooth, error-free inventory and vendor management to lead to fulfillment of orders.

Agility Booster

Our platform’s automation benefits make your e-commerce organization more agile by receiving, processing, shipping and finding solutions to speed up these activities.

Add value by streamlining tasks through automation

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

All contractual specifications, contact forms and documents to be signed, can be uploaded to process databases to be exchanged with new vendors as and when necessary. This is usually done using emails and spreadsheets.

Management of Inventory

Inventory management can be automated on the basis of categories, credit ratings by vendors, value, etc. Decisions and approvals are made much faster for an increase in efficiency and accuracy in purchases and ease in purchase order tracking. 

inventory Management
Grievances and Complaints

Addressing Grievances/Complaints

e-commerce workflow automation in processing orders is vital to being highly sensitive and guaranteeing that their returns, grievances, or reviews are replied to in a timely and comprehensive manner in order to boost brand awareness.

Adding Lists/Catalogs Automatically

Adding new items or services after approvals on websites can be automated easily with an e-commerce workflow automation system which will increase the speed and efficiency of the site.

Lists and Catalogs


Every sale and purchase is taken into account. Accounting for every sale and purchase can happen faster, automatically and without any errors with e-commerce workflow automation on our platform.

Refunds and RMA

An e-commerce workflow automation software can automate Refund and RMA claims to avoid inaccuracies or delays. This leads to faster processing with action being taken at the earliest to prevent an unfavourable or lethargic image of the company.

Fulfillment of Orders

Fulfillment of Orders

The company’s reputation is dependent on its order fulfillment. Stock management and solutions for low or no stock are enabled by e-commerce workflow automation on our platform.

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