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Aligning operations with business goals using no-code

An enterprise architect ensures the organizational objectives are met by designing systems that assist in the alignment of digital operations with the strategic business objectives. Quixy provides the platform for the architects to design and build cutsom solutions using ready-to-use building blocks and integrate these custom applications with other IT systems inside or outside the organization to achieve the business objectives while ensuring scalability, reliability and security in operations.

Why do Architects choose Quixy?


Moving on from Legacy Software

The use of outdated legacy applications to run business results in high costs and lost production hours due to high maintenance and downtime. Architects are looking to replace these applications that are quick to build and easy to maintain, thereby improving the efficiency of digital operations. Quixy meets all these requirements and much more with enterprise-grade readiness.


Accelerating Digital Ambition

Quixy provides a foundation for business process automation and application development in the organization and invites innovation from everybody. Applications can be developed 10X faster and provide agility to accommodate any changes in business requirements at any time. This, along with seamless integration capability, removes application silos and creates systems with no data redundancy.


Enhanced data security and privacy

Today, data is gold and its security is the safety net against the downfall of a company. Quixy’s no-code platform ensures that enterprise data is protected with all the required security compliances and granular access control at every step right from product requirement to development, deployment, hosting and maintenance. Quixy is ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 certified & also SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

Drag and drop

Choose technology for Citizen Development

Gartner has estimated that by 2024, no-code low-code technologies will contribute to 75% of all business application development and the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of professional developers. It’s therefore imperative for architects to choose platforms that can be used by business users outside IT to build applications. Quixy fits the bill perfectly.


Built for the future and enterprise-ready

Architects need to ensure that the solutions they build are future-ready and have the required enterprise features. Quixy’s platform meets all the enterprise requirements, including access control at the most granular level, audit trails, IP filtering, SSO, custom password policies, multi-step authentication, and much more. Solutions developed on the platform can be modified easily to accommodate future requirements at any time.

Time to value

Unmatched Time to Value

Architects are very well aware that going to the market even with the prototypes is quite expensive; moreover, any delay in executing projects can cost businesses heavily and expose them to business risks. No-code enables software building much more quickly. This makes a world of difference as every hour saved in application building reduces development costs and improves the profit margin.

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