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Supply Chain and Logistics

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Supply Chain and Logistics

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Streamlined process
Streamline Processes

Use our BPM platform to model, use, administer, and refine your organization-wide business processes for maximum output. Make changes to processes in a snap without breaking any functionality. 

Collaboration and Visibility

Empower your in-house and field staff to collaborate on a unified platform using automated processes and workflows that create accountability at each process step while providing visibility into overall operations. 

Document Generation
Generate documents on the fly

Design templates and use data from the apps to generate documents on the fly without having to prepare them manually. This may include generating sales quotations, purchase ordersinvoices, shipping bills, return labels, etc.  

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Material and Inventory Management

Material and Inventory Management

Build apps for planning and determining the requirements of spare parts, raw materials, and other miscellaneous items required for the production plan implementation. Set up alerts and notifications to ensure that there is never a shortage. 

Procurement Management

Ensure that you buy the right material at the right price at the right time by streamlining your procurement processes to manage RFQ’s, negotiations, confirmations, and purchase orders.

Procurement Management

Warehouse and Fulfillment

Automate your warehouse and fulfillment operations to help process more orders faster. Combine sales, inventory, and purchase data and automate your workflows to eliminate errors and ensure the best service for your customers. 

Distribution Management

Automate your distribution processes to seamlessly work with other supply chain and logistics activities, including inventory management, warehouse management, and order managementImprove customer satisfaction, control logistics costsreduce order times across the entire supply chain. 

Distribution Management
Repairs and Returns

Repairs and Returns

Eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone manual processes to reduce return costs and turnaround time related to repairs and returns. Save costs and improve customer satisfaction by automating and integrating end-to-end repairs and returns management processes. 

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Cargo dwell time reduced by 25%

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