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Streamlined process
Seamless & Streamlined Banking

Innovate and automate routine tasks like e-statements, automate balance emails, and have all records and details in one place. Get rid of spreadsheets, streamline critical business functions, and reduce risk.

Standard Forms
Rethink & Automate Standard Forms

Standardize your processes and forms and make them available through the self-service portal to receive expense and loan requests, investment declarations, etc. while eliminating paper and email trails.

Transaction Alerts & Speedy Approvals

Empower teams to make informed decisions and with no-code apps that automate functions like customer onboarding, reminders, verification, and approval of transactions, etc. Gain accurate, real-time data for actionable insights.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Finance Management

Finance Management

Get rid of inefficient excel based budget spreadsheets. Automate and optimize transactions, approvals. Automate deposits and withdrawal processes with easy to use apps. Build a custom dashboard with the reports and charts to get insights that you need for efficient tracking and decision making. 

Investment & Loan Management

Automate and streamline loan requests and investment accounts. Speed approvals through automated workflows as per company processes and policies. Analyze investment policies and track cash flows over any period using advanced reports and dashboards. Saved the bank from manual work and number crunching before making a loan decision and simply automate data processing.

Investment Management
Claims Management

Claims Management

Develop a strong database with no-code powered apps. Customize apps that adhere to business policies for funds and budget management. Maintain client data and contract repositories that allow setting periodic reminders for renewals, and manage claims.

Policy Issuance

Develop and build simple, easy to use no-code apps for glitchy policy admin, go paperless with forms automation and automate billing systems for hassle-free policy generation and set up accounts easily.

Policy Issuance

Customer Onboarding

Enhance customer onboarding processes with forms automation, accurate, and real-time documentation. Ensure and provide custom, personalized onboarding experiences to new customers. Collaborate within teams to set up customer accounts and have all data in place to be ready for meetings and feedback. 

Banking Portals and Services

Develop and deliver an end-to-end banking portal to your customers. Enable a core banking system through which customers can easily manage their transactions and savings. Draw focus on user experience, faster processing, and updated data on the portal. Eliminate manual processing and unnecessary bank visits through online forms and approvals. 

Banking Portals
Audit Reports

Audit Reports

Develop a comprehensive system with no-code for managers to conduct regular and consistent audits from any devices securely. Customize parameters and generate reports and audit scorecards with ease and share it with the respective clients and officers automatically. With automated checklists and records, keep track of client data and customer transactions to ensure a safe and transparent process.

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Insurance claim processing time reduced by 30%

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