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Streamlined process
Optimize Data Processes

Use our no-code platform to model, deploy, monitor, and optimize your organization-wide business research processes for maximum efficiency. Make changes to processes in a snap without jeopardizing the development setup.  

Rapid Innovation

Shorten time and rapidly innovate with and for new product launches with no-code. Implement ideas and suggestions on the go and provide a rugged system to quantify expected value and empower the team.

Compliance Management
Compliance Management

Compliance with mandated requirements is very critical for R&D. Build and maintain checklists to capture compliance data during the research using any device from anywhere and access it in real-time from the central server.

Use readymade apps or build new ones in minutes

Research data management

Research Data Management

Transform the ways of data collection and presentation. Enter on-field data and analysis in realtime from any device. Present information systematically with detailed reports and consolidated dashboards. Circulate forms and view data in different types of formats, such as documents, graphs, emails, charts, videos & audios.

Field Research Management

Improve collaboration among research and other teams over automated processes and workflows. Identify bottlenecks and capture issues in real-time. Save time with accurate resource management.


Field Operations
Product Design

Product Designs & Prototypes

Utilize space like never before with our no-code platform. Visualize, draw, document and create prototypes seamlessly and share amongst team members. Make changes on the go and easily save drafts or copies for further use. 

Develop Roadmaps

Track progress and process steps with systematic roadmaps. View different versions or generations and their relations over time with automated systematic workflows. Use no-code to develop roadmaps that visualize the product and technology strategy of the business, and gain insights into the R&D process. 

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Project Management

Manage and segregate your research projects effectively and efficiently through agile project management processes. Enable automatic report creation and dashboards to stay up to date with research status, cost, quality issues, team performance, and much more.

Task Management

Create tasks for you and your teams and customize them to be repeatable or ad–hoc. Enable simple workflows in just a few clicks to enable effective task management through clarifications and escalations of existing tasks to enhance productivity. Get instant access to the status of all tasks across any device.

Task Management

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