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August 9, 2023
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The core definition of digital transformation has evolved over the last decade. What seemed to be a simple decision to go online via web or mobile has now somewhat reached a tipping point. In the past, the customer journey on a digital medium entailed one decision, i.e. about the target channel. With evolving customer expectations, blame consumerization of technology, businesses are forced to look beyond the realm of channels because the “New” age customer wants experience everywhere, i.e. Multiexperiences.  

Unless you lived under a rock, you would probably have heard about multi and omni-channel experience. Still, multiexperience is a relatively new term for many of us.

Multiexperience : What is it?

The notion of Multiexperience was introduced by Gartner in 2018 and broadly expressed how companies should engage with customers with tailor-made digital strategies.  

With the rapid proliferation of Wearables, Mixed Reality, Voice Assistants and Chatbots in personal and professional spaces, envisioning an experience for just web and mobile are inadequate. Another major shift observed off-late in customer behaviour is single-click experience where the user prefers to spend the least effort to achieve the intended outcome.  

Here comes Multiexperience, which in its simplest form is a shift in mindset, from IT centricity to User centricity, from channel focus to optimal frictionless experience and from multi-device to any device. It is about convenience to the end consumer and, in the process, giving a consistent experience everywhere and anywhere. 

Fundamentally, multiexperience boils down to addressing Interactions across multiple touch points and delivering a seamless experience across all those touch points. Multiple touch points do not necessarily mean the duplicating experience on every touch point; instead, it is about offering an experience that imbibes the nature of the touch point, an experience that feels natural with a near zero learning curve.  

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Channel-thinking is a passé

At one point in the past, thinking about multi-channel experience was an unforgivable sin because the omni-channel experience was the buzz around. Even today, many years of hearing these buzz words, many falter in explaining the difference between multi and omni channel experience. Explaining the difference between the two, we give up! 

When customer journeys are built, stakeholders anticipate the channels of engagement their customers may prefer. The situation is worse for employees when someone in the hierarchy predetermines the engagement tracks. New age customers, employees and prospects do not really care which channel you as a business prefer; instead, they expect your business to be available on their preferred track, and they wish to get the job done. End of story! Seems like the tides have turned! 

The verdict is to shift the focus toward optimizing the experience.

With focus shifting towards optimizing the experience, technology and channel take a backseat. This relentless quest to optimize the experience focuses on users, their context, touchpoints, modalities and interactions.  

Watch Webinar: Experience Quixy Apps on Microsoft Teams

What has Quixy to do with Multiexperience?

Right off the bat, Quixy is a Multiexperience development platform (MXDP). Does Quixy provide Multiexpeirence out of the box? The answer is Yes and No.  

Addressing the “No” first, Quixy does not have support for a key modality i.e. Voice. The focus currently is on a keyboard, click and tap. We are getting there soon, so stay tuned. 

Now the juicy part, Apps built on Quixy can be made available for Chatbot. Your users can access all Chatbot-enabled apps from Quixy App for Microsoft Teams. With simple instructions, your users can get started on the Teams channel and interact with the enabled apps.  

We chose Microsoft Teams because of its popularity and high adoption in the global professional community. 

Add Quixy to Microsoft Teams now, click here.

Apps that are ideal for collaboration channels such as Teams

While the Quixy app for Microsoft Teams can handle large apps, it is highly recommended to have apps with a maximum of 6 fields that the employees and partners frequently use. Apps with more than six fields become too cumbersome to navigate and interact with on the Chatbot channel. Choose apps that expect a maximum of 6 interactions (back and forth conversation) to save the details. 


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That brings us to the list of non-ideal candidate apps, including Loan applications, Incident management apps, Employee registration and onboarding, prospect details capture, and Long surveys. On the contrary, some ideal candidate apps are Leave apps, Site surveys, Worklog or Timesheet, Supervisor approvals, etc., capable of mini-transactions. 

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Few use cases for Chatbot

  1. Site Surveys: Enable your field staff to quickly capture pictures and fill in the site surveys on the go.
  2. Worklog or Time Sheet: Empower your users and extended staff to submit their worklog daily.
  3. Track Status of Approvals: Track approvals from supervisor or manager for critical tasks such as New asset approvals, Travel approvals, etc.
  4. Leave Application: Offer an opportunity for users to apply for leaves by just providing the date and reason for leave. Also, give an option to track leave approval status.
  5. Request for Travel: Extend the travel application to fill in a few details to get the travel approvals for on-the-go employees that include sales teams.


With Quixy apps for Microsoft Teams, we are taking a step towards offering Multiexperience for you with a vision to achieve the status of MXDP.  

Start your journey towards providing Multiexperience for your users with us on Quixy. Contact the Customer Success team or Sales team to enable Chatbot features for your organization and get started with giving a great Multiexperience.  

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