Studies suggest that improvement in employee experience will potentially lead to improvement in customer experience. Employees daily use multiple apps on different platforms, which consume a lot of their time and add to their dissatisfaction.

Offering Employee or Workforce apps across all engagement channels a.k.a Multiexperience drives higher employee engagement and better business outcomes.

Quixy now offers access and interaction with Apps from Microsoft Teams. In this webinar, we will explore how Quixy apps can be enabled for and interacted with on the Microsoft Team channel.

Key Takeaways:
1. Find, Install and fire-up Quixy on Microsoft Teams.
2. Interact with and Access all your Quixy apps from Teams on the go.
3. Who is this Quixy app for (use cases, ideal candidates etc.)?
4. What’s in store for you in future?



Sidhartha Pooboni

Product Manager


Shasi Kiran Uppu

Platform Consultant