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August 10, 2023
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Automation is crucial for a thriving business as our world moves towards digital transformation. By automating processes, enterprises are able to make their workflows faster and are doing more with less. Your barcode labeling environment is no exception. With automated label printing, you can create a labeling process that is faster, more efficient, and has zero room for errors.

Label generation and print automation is leveraged by organizations to terminate the manual process of triggering a print job within a labeling environment. Print automation replaces the manual task of creating and printing a label with an automatic, faster, and more efficient process. The main goal of print automation is to minimize touchpoints within the labeling process. Humans are prone to error, so minimizing human interaction will lead to fewer mistakes and an efficient workflow.

A complete label print automation solution integrates Quixy and printing technologies with your existing ERP, WMS, or custom front-end system. Within a blink of an eye, your print automation software can prompt a print job using the data from your ERP, automatically populate your labels, and print to an unlimited number of printers.

Benefits of automated label generation

1. Eliminate manual processes

Save time and prevent errors by reducing manual intervention.

2. Reduce IT interaction

Quixy’s print automation configured within your system requires little to no maintenance.

3. Faster label printing

Through the elimination of manual data entry, your label printing process gains 2x speed.

4. Automatically convert data to labels

Quixy automatically populates the labels for you by pulling the data directly from your business system, eliminating manual data entry.

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Quixy can help you with the automation of label printing

Creating a more streamlined process for your label printing users can be achieved through the “Quickflows” feature in Quixy.

Quickflows is a lifesaver feature that, by large, cuts down the user’s time to perform a resultant workflow step. You can call it a “work done in a jiffy” feature. However, out of several options to choose from under the Quickflows’ belt, let us focus on one specific choice.

Watch Webinar: Automate the Receipt/Label generation and printing process with Quixy

The general flow contains a series of steps as follows

  • The user inputs the data into the system to initiate the process
  • System pushes the data to Quixy
  • Quixy receives the data given by the user and processes the data to the system
  • Quixy then sends a Label print job to the printers and prints the labels

The process flow is illustrated below.

Label Generation

Below are the steps to configure an Automatic print process through Quickflows

Step 1: Navigate to the Manage app section to configure a label print  

Step 2: Click on the App. It will navigate you to the Edit section of the App  

Step 3: Click on the menu on the right corner to open the contextual menu. You will see the Quickflows option  

Step 4: To configure a Quickflow, the user clicks on the create a Quickflow button.   

Step 5: The user shall select the “Automatic Print” option out of the five options in the dropdown.  

Step 6: The System shall provide the application’s name in the ‘App’ field, however, in the read-only mode.  

Step 7: The User shall give a name to the content, which will be printed in the Name field.  

Step 8: The user shall select the name of the printer from the select printer dropdown (which is an earlier discussed pre-requisite)  

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Step 9: The user shall now select the Workflow step and the related workflow step action from the given dropdowns, respectively, to initiate the print on the workflow step.  

Step 10: As a final step, the user shall provide the data to be printed in the last field, which is provided at the bottom of the configuration section, which is mandatory.  

Step 11: The user shall save the configuration by hitting the save button.

Label Generation


Ready to transform your business? Get started now and experience the power of automation and app creation, all without the need for coding skills. You can also refer to our user guide to build a thorough understanding.

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