Digital Transformation in HR
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HR is one of the most important departments in an enterprise and involves an array of complex processes at different stages of employee engagement. It is imperative that these crucial processes are automated so as to save time, avoid manual effort and, most of all, to streamline information. Let’s learn how Digital Transformation in HR operations can unlock the true potential of the HR team.

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Recruitment Management

Recruitment is no easy task whether you’re looking to recruit at entry, mid or senior level. Starting with job posting, sifting through the responses, coordinating interviews, collating feedback, and final selection of candidates, there is plenty to be done and challenges at every step.

By automating workflow starting with requisition and ending with the new hire – all with a single click, Quixy smoothens and expedites the recruitment process.

Here is a general flow of a recruitment management cycle

Induction Management

Inducting new employees takes up time and a lot of paperwork in terms of forms, approvals, hardware/ software usage, setting up e-mail, etc. It also requires connecting with multiple staff members to gather all the relevant information and ensure compliance.

Automating the on boarding process with Quixy offers a host of advantages. Multiple Departments can kick-start the on boarding processes simultaneously, effortlessly, and speedily.

Did you know? HR professionals feel that lack of technology hinders their work. 36% responded that their inability to automated and organize the onboarding process negatively impacts their ability to train managers.

Employee Training Management

Businesses today are constantly evolving with new policies, procedures and processes coming into place. As a result, training of employees is imperative to keep them up to date and maintain a well-informed workforce.

By automating training workflow, Quixy helps share training tools and tracks usage across the entire stack. The streamlining of the learning management process reduces time and effort as well smoothens the process flow.

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Payroll Management

Generating payroll every month is a time consuming effort as it involves validation of various parameters such as attendance, on duty requests, time sheets, and coordinating with multiple locations.

Quixy’s Payroll management module aids in the smooth management of personalized salary components, allowances management, attendance validations, reimbursements, claims, advances, and policies.

Performance Management

Keeping track of employee performance is a complex process. Quixy management module provides various tools to measure and evaluate employee performance that aid in tracking performance consistently and providing feedback when required. Goals, KRAs, competencies, and skillsets are four base modules that help channelize employee performance evaluation.

The Self-appraisal module aids in self-analysis and reflection. The Feedback module not only receives feedback from the manager but also from peers and other teams. The employee can also share feedback on the overall appraisal experience. Summary module aids in keeping track of employee development over time, especially when there has been a change in Manager.

Vacation Management

Employees are happier and more productive when they return after a vacation. But paper-based, manual leave requests create a problem and administrative overheads, regulatory noncompliance issues, and lost productivity due to unscheduled absences adds to it.

Quixy’s centralized vacation request workflow screens approvals and automatically notifies other departments (like payroll), of planned absences. It schedules alerts or confirms requests automatically to expedite approvals. Thanks to the centralized calendar of all approved requests, users can view who’s out at-a-glance, have access to real-time status updates, and ensure adherence to HR protocols. By being integrated with HRIS and payroll systems, time-off adjustments can be automated.

Exit Management

When an employee resigns or is terminated from his/her services, there are many processes to be implemented so as to effectively close the relationship between the company and the employee.

Exit management is a complete module that manages the process of full and final settlement of an employee. It helps manage all the exit activities and allows HR to create the complete checklist. Employees and all those involved in the exit process can be notified through e-mail alerts and can view their pending activities through Self Service.

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Quixy – an ideal digital platform

Quixy is one such platform that is helping HR departments across various verticals in their digital transformation journey. Businesses are using Quixy to automate their manual processes and drive efficiency, productivity, and transparency.

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