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As businesses grow in scale, Business processes inherently grow complex, oftentimes rigid, and unintentionally localized to a business unit or department. Today’s business leaders expect nimble and agile processes that quicken the outcome, thereby improving the overall customer experience and brand recall.

While all new-age enterprise systems, even some of the legacy and established ones, have a surplus of options to create and manage workflows with ease, only a handful have the experience tailored for the Business users.

Characteristically there are two scenarios that business users encounter while pondering over automating their processes. One, How to notify and assign a task to a user from business unit 2 based on the action completed by users in their business unit; Two, How to ensure the users from their business unit complete multiple tasks or steps in the process in sequential order.

We have our users covered with Quixy’s Triggers and Quickflows

Before we dive into how this works, let us momentarily appreciate why would any business need an automation step in their workflows and what advantage would it derive for the business.

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Let us take a scenario to fathom this better:

A new employee is joining the organization. As part of the onboarding process, HR would like to automate the workflow to create tasks for Administration, IT, Finance, and Security teams to initiate the necessary onboarding procedures e.g. ID card, Security token, Email setup, Asset allocation, Seat allocation, Payroll activation, to name a few.

Now imagine a world where automation is fictional; a typical onboarding process for a new employee would take between 5 to 8 hours and not to mention multiple follow-ups with the business unit representatives leading to an unsettling experience for the employee.

With Quixy’s Triggers, one or more tasks can be initiated to different business units or departments from an app when a new entry is made. In the process, some or all data can also be transferred to different apps. Applying the same principle to our example, the HR team as part of the onboarding step for the new employee saves the employee information that would notify all related departments. There are several governance measures in place for business users to notify all or a few departments based on certain conditions.

For instance, all employees who are with a designation Manager or below would need a Supervisor approval before the IT team is notified for an asset. While all employees with a designation above Senior Manager do not require Supervisor approval, the IT team can be notified directly for asset allocation.

This and more is possible with Quixy’s Triggers feature.

Ready for another scenario?

Organization ABC.Corp has enabled virtual onboarding (contactless) for all their new employees. As part of the onboarding, employees are provided with a link where they can update their personal details, authorize their KYC, raise IT and Finance requests, etc. It is advised to complete the entire onboarding in one go to avoid delays in the approvals from different business units.

Employees, on submitting the personal details, would be presented with KYC, IT, and finance apps to fill in relevant information so that specific user groups or departments can be notified about the new tasks. Here an initiator i.e. Employees, in this case, is notified to fill in details in a pre-defined sequence to ease the overall onboarding processes. It may appear to be a sequential workflow but internally multiple business units are notified while offering a seamless experience for the new employee.

Possibilities are endless with Quixy’s Quickflows feature.

Real automation can be achieved with Quixy’s Triggers and Quickflows helping businesses achieve ~50-75% throughout and time savings not to mention the boost in overall Customer experience for your end-users.

We have covered the how part in our Help articles that you can be referred to here: Triggers and Quickflows

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