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August 11, 2023
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Surveys are a very useful tool for any organization to gather information. These may be market research surveys to understand business opportunities, customer, vendor, or employee feedback surveys to identify areas of improvement, site surveys for a construction company, or mandatory inspection surveys for an insurance organization. 

It’s extremely tedious to gather, process, and analyze data with paper-based surveys. When it comes to online surveys, free solutions like Google Forms lack key features like conditional branching and calculator options, while paid ones like type forms can cost quite a bit and still not be able to meet all your requirements.

In this article, let’s show you how designing and executing surveys with Quixy may be a better option with an example of a Customer Feedback Survey. Let’s begin.  

What is a Customer Feedback Survey?

Customer feedback survey forms help organizations understand the customer’s pulse of what they are thinking about the product or service.

These surveys can be taken as an important measuring factor for the growth of the company for today as well as for the future too. 

1. Creating the survey form

Creating a form with a set of Questions

Initially, Survey form creation is done by preparing a set of prescribed questions; this can be done very easily by dragging and dropping form elements like dropdowns, radio buttons, and more without writing any code. You may add questions that need subjective answers or multiple-choice questions. You may add conditional branching based on business rules. You may even add calculate field to calculate values based on answers to the questions.

If you have created a similar survey form in the past using Quixy, you can copy it and customize it instead of starting from scratch.

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Getting a unique form link to circulate and workflow
Getting a unique form link to circulate and workflow

You can generate a unique link for the survey that you can share with all the participants through email or other means. You can publish the survey for use with a single click. Anytime you need to modify questions, you can make changes on the fly without any downtime.


3. Configuring email notifications  

Configuring Email notifications

With Quixy, you can configure workflows that can be triggered as and when a survey is submitted. You can also configure email and SMS notifications to notify the submitter or those who need to process the survey data.  You can choose to send out a copy of the answers filled out by the submitter immediately after the survey is submitted.

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4. Analysing Survey Data

Survey Form Dashboard

Once the survey is complete you can create reports, charts, and dashboards using 40+ charting options available to analyze the data. You can export the survey data in multiple formats.

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With Quixy’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, users can quickly create customized surveys tailored to their specific needs. The platform provides a range of form elements, question types, and design options, allowing for flexible and engaging survey experiences.

The on-field inspection modules provided by Quixy empower organizations to digitize their inspection processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure accuracy. By capturing data in real time, automating workflows, and generating insightful reports, businesses can make informed decisions and improve overall operational excellence. Get Started Today! Empower your organization with automation and customized app development without coding. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Can we apply our styling to the questions?

Yes, with Rich Text Format editor (RTF) you can apply the style you need, including writing custom HTML code.

2. Can we embed the survey form on our website?


3. Can I get a copy of the submitted survey data to my email?


4. How is building surveys in Quixy better than Google Forms?

Google Forms lack features like conditional branching for questions, trigger workflows, posting survey data to external systems, etc. Google Forms also do not allow advance reporting, including pivot reports etc.

5. Can I make my dashboard available for other users?

Yes, with help of the public dashboard option available in Quixy, you can give access to a particular role to see the metrics.

6. Can we add images to the questions?


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