No-code for Administration & Operations
Quixy Editorial Team
August 10, 2023
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No-code for administration is the door that opens to an excellent and tech-savvy workplace. Let’s explore how the admin department can benefit by adopting the power of no-code citizen development.

We know that the pandemic disrupted offices but the most impacted were operations and administration departments. Front-desk chaos became work-from-home process chaos.

But now, it’s time to heal and mend ways for the better and become a truly digital workplace from the front desk to back-end operations.

And all of this can be achieved with No-code for Administrations and Operations.

Administrations and Operations Challenges

Before we address how that can be implemented, it’s crucial for us to dive deep and uproot the challenges to gain a clear insight as to what needs to be resolved. And for that, it is essential to look at the challenges posed today.

The Stumbling Block. 

Although admin and operational leaders have typically experienced digitization in the terms of cost and efficiency, the pandemic has now made business resilience and seamless processes a priority.

Let’s take Karl for instance.

He decided to login into the office, ordered some supplies for his team, and organized a meeting. By the time he finished all of this, it was already lunch! And the person he wanted to do a call with hadn’t even responded. Also, the office supplies person had to find a form to be filled by KarI and get it signed by his manager. Then it had to be copied to accounts for approval, then passed back to the office supplies person and, of course, it took three attempts to fill in the form correctly.

By the end of all of this, he was mentally exhausted and his day hadn’t even properly started.

Time costs money, not only in the physical materials used – the paper and the phone calls, and well, the hassles to get a minor task done.

This was one instance, with one person.

Imagine hundreds of people going through this on a daily basis! It’s too much work! And this is just to name a few. Other challenges in administration and operations are-

The Operational Foundation

One of the biggest challenges is maintaining stability or at least trying to steadily maintain an operational foundation. Organizations have been forced to devise a holistic plan that is built on a robust and flexible digital business strategy. Forming a foundation that ensures operational continuity whilst anticipating and accommodating disruptions and fluctuations in demand patterns has been critically challenging.

Time-consuming Processes

The pandemic scattered teams and the administration was most impacted. Due to its hands-on and on-field nature of processes, they have suffered the most because most operations were carried out in-person on-field and required human intervention. Speed drives processes but the pandemic has challenged us all with regards to speed.

Repetitive Tasks

Administration and operational processes contain endless tasks that are boring and repetitive in nature. Due to the manual nature, there are chances of errors or misplacement too which make it tedious for organizations to work seamlessly.

Since, the root problem here is offline, manual, and traditional processes, the solution is naturally going digital. But, traditional software comes with its own limitations. For example, custom software manages interfaces with multiple backend systems, but these implementations take several years to complete and are not just expensive but also quite rigid.

Successful digital workplaces have focused on driving value by starting small, exploring select use cases, and scaling up over time. This methodical approach has yielded a wide range of performance improvements for administration and operations. Automation enables this and, no-code for administration and operations does this 10x faster and accelerates operations to get rid of front-desk chaos. How so?


No-Code for Administration and Operations

By ditching the traditional and custom-based software that takes ages and is quite rigid, no-code automation enables streamlining admin and operational functions. But wait, let’s first talk about no-code.

No-code is a visual and hassle-free approach to software development. Basically, creating enterprise-level applications for different business departments using visuals and basic skills without proficient programming knowledge or skills.

No-code for administration and operations abstracts automates and optimizes every step of the admin process and enables rapid delivery of any software solution. It disrupts the traditional ways of business and IT to nurture and boost continuous collaboration.

No-code, shortened from no-code platforms refers to application development platforms that require zero coding! This means applications can be built on purely visual, intuitive interfaces with no need for programming experience. These platforms often offer features that are simple such as drag and drop form builders.

So, why use no-code for administration and operations?

You can have a single admin panel for all your operations. By creating customizable views without additional development, you can add powerful workflows and eliminate all human errors.

No-Code for Administration and Operations

Modernize Scheduling

No-code for administration and operations has the power to transform the way you schedule visits and meetings. It can collect important details like name, the purpose of visit/meeting and photograph, etc. beforehand and automate the process for a seamless experience.

Ditch the paper with No-Code for Administration

Eliminate the root problem of papers and forms since with no-code you can design templates and use data from the apps to generate documents on the fly without having to prepare them manually. This may include generating forms, invoices, bills, etc. You can also set up notifications, and reminders to improve efficiency.

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Transform the way you manage assets

No-code for administration and operations has the capability to handle the organization’s assets by creating an online asset repository. Effortlessly but smartly manage the maintenance of equipment and minimize emergency repairs, and reduce operational costs.

Automate Dispatching

You can use no-code for administration and operations to dispatch materials from operations centers to field agents and optimize transportation routes for dispatch. This helps reduce time to resolution and increases the amount of time spent on judgment-based work.

Travel with No-code

Plan the team’s travel itinerary and with no code for administration and operations. From flight details, managing passport info, to even accounting for daily travel expenses – build no-code apps to streamline employee travel.

No-code also enables seamless handling of employee travel requests and also records details of departure and arrival dates, the purpose of travel, and accommodations. You can easily view travel requests by classifying approval status, with detailed reports and track expenses on the go.

The above ways are just scratching the surface. No-code for administration and operations makes life easy and workplaces robust with numerous apps! Quixy is a platform that lets you go wild with these apps!

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Quixy can be your Perfect No-code Platform for Administration and Operations

Quixy is a leading no-code app development platform that will help you create intelligent innovative ways to harness change and grow with hassle-free digital transformation. Leverage no-code without burdening your pockets, your teams, or your IT department. With Quixy, you get the flexibility to build great solutions with ease

We are uniquely poised to guide you on your journey to automating and transforming your workplace with no-code for administration and operations with trust and confidence.

Quixy’s impact is massive. Check how we helped Assetmonk reduce overall application processing time by 70%!

No matter your business, Quixy, with no-code for administration and operations, can automate your processes 10X faster. It is also remarkably easy to use. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today.

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