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August 10, 2023
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Marketing allows you to share your products and services with your target audience strategically. As a strategy, it is important for your business to generate more leads, boost sales, build revenue, make decisions, and essentially build a reputation for your brand.

Many companies employ digital tools such as no-code marketing tools and other tools to enable workflow automation and drive the business towards digital transformation.

In this era of digital leadership, marketing truly has the power to make or break your business. Without it, your business does not have a voice, which is why it is absolutely essential to have a good marketing strategy.

Where to begin?

One thing is for sure that easy-to-use marketing tools without coding complexities have made complicated tasks simplified. All the marketing efforts can be streamlined and can be simply aligned with the organization’s goals. There are plenty of excellent tools available in the market, researching and selecting the one that fits your business requirements is a tricky job. Start with current solution analysis and requirements.

Useful marketing apps that you must have in you Martech stack!

You take care of requirements analysis and we will help find what you need. Here’s a list of tools, divided into essential marketing categories, including various marketing apps that do not require you to code to achieve your goal.

No-Code Marketing Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a mechanism used by businesses to analyze customer interactions and nurture their relationships with customers.


This inbound marketing, sales, service as well as website building (HubSpot CMS) software gives marketers all they require to convert leads, increase website traffic and put all marketing support tools, that share data, in one place.


Freshworks is a unifying software in our stack that aligns the marketing team with the sales team. It provides the combined power of CRM and automation to ascertain customer needs and make marketing interactions better.


Zoho offers a list of apps that are designed to effectively cover all areas of businesses. Zoho Creator enables you to build no-code marketing apps as well as other essential apps. It helps you convert leads and manages all your marketing-related activities in one place across numerous channels.


Zendesk is an excellent service tool that enables you to provide a superior customer experience. Its dedicated and highly intuitive service and sales platform enable you to close deals faster.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising involves the use of the internet for the promotion of products and services through marketing messages.


AdStage is a cloud-based solution that automates across networks and enables marketers to analyze, optimize and report the performance of ads, by bringing all advertising data under one umbrella.


AdRoll is a performance marketing platform that helps marketers reach their audience across the web and convert them into customers.


Karooya, is a no-code marketing tool that enables you to optimize your PPC. It enables you to create your expanded ad copy for Google ads and Bing ads and check the preview for the same.

Social media is an online form of communication that can be used to build a network and reach a larger audience through strategic planning.

It is a Twitter growth tool that requires no coding to grow your audience 10x faster by writing better tweets, scheduling, automating, and engaging with people.

This software is a multi-purpose social media marketing app that is used to draft posts and schedule them to share across social networks.

Schedule posts across social media platforms and streamline your social media marketing strategy with this social media management platform.

Optimize social media traffic by clubbing links to various platforms in a single link with this free tool.

Another free tool that creates “cards” which are essentially links on social media that expand into previews for any site.

This influencer marketing platform gives you tools to build and maintain meaningful partnerships with creators who influence customers’ purchase decisions and therefore, drive revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves increasing the quantity and improving the quality of website traffic to a web page on search engines. It aids marketing by ascertaining target audiences based on frequently used or similar keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

A free marketing tool that enables keyword research for your search campaigns so that intelligent and targeted marketing can be carried out by your business.


Generate ideas for keywords, keep improving and expanding your marketing strategy with this free online tool.


Make decisions based on strategy with access to in-depth and thorough data and marketing opportunities with this SEO tool.


Discover marketing-related insights and improve visibility online with this tool suite that includes services like keyword research, PR, campaign management, SMM, PPC, SEO, PR, content marketing.


This keyword tool is extremely useful in creating relevant and fresh content by gauging search questions and autocomplete data from search engines and mapping out all the useful and key questions related to your keyword.


Ryte is an ideal tool for marketers to ensure that their SEO efforts are actually making an impact. They can check and track which keyword to rank for and plan a strategy that meets its goal.

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Content Creation and Design

Content creation and design are creations that audiences consume in a visual, written, or audio format, that aid in building roadmaps for your marketing activities.


Canva is a design platform that enables the creation of a variety of graphics for your business. It includes templates for social media images, web banners, marketing brochures, business cards, presentations, and more.


A powerful design tool that marketers can use for rapid prototyping, design iterations, revision cycles, building a visual identity for the brand, a brand story, or even simply collaborating and brainstorming.


Content marketers use Grammarly, a cloud-based AI using writing assistant, to ensure their writings are of high quality and polished in such a way so as to reflect favorably on their business.


Marketers can use, this tool for paraphrasing and summarizing to rewrite any sentence, and hence, repurpose marketing content.


Video Marketing

Video marketing involves the usage of videos for promoting products or services. It helps marketing through building engagement on digital and social channels.


A powerful video editor that marketers can use to converts articles into marketing videos that are informative and engaging.


An easy-to-use video creation tool used for virtual selling and video marketing.


Loom is a video messaging tool that impacts the customer’s journey with informative marketing videos about products and their features.


A video hosting platform for B2B marketers that uses video on their websites to serve companies in their marketing, sales, and support.


A Chrome extension that streamlines video marketing offers enhanced analytics, and aids video SEO.

Landing Pages

In digital marketing, a landing page is essentially the single web page that shows up when you click on a website that encourages taking actions such as buying decisions.


This drag-and-drop builder allows the easy and quick creation and publishing of landing pages.


A drag-and-drop builder that easily and quickly simplifies complicated landing page software and development, by letting you create and launch unlimited campaigns.


Collect email subscribers and grow your email list by getting access to templates you can use for webinars, lead magnets, and landing pages with the help of this online tool.

Event Marketing

Event marketing involves product, service, or brand promotion by participating in, organizing, or attending events.


Lock down your social media strategy and engage in email marketing with this platform for selling event tickets online.

LinkedIn Events

Host virtual events and invite your connections with this feature on LinkedIn.

Lead Capture and Conversion

Lead capture and conversion is that part of your business’ inbound marketing strategy that refers to when visitors are converted into leads on your website.


Jotform uses a drag-and-drop builder to allow the creation of custom online forms. Its free marketing app integrations enable the automatic addition of contacts and subscribers to your email lists.

Google Forms

Marketers use this app that needs no-coding to obtain insights of customers, which is important to implement customer feedback and consequently grow and develop your business.


This service allows the building of landing pages for easy promotion of campaigns and online marketing.

Lead Generation

Lead generation in digital marketing is the process of identifying and transforming online users into prospective customers for the business.


This lead generation software is used by online marketers to convert website visitors and traffic into subscribers, grow email lists and increase sales.


Typeform allows the smooth creation of user-friendly forms for lead collection, feedback, surveys for customer satisfaction, and more.


This creator marketing platform collects subscribers and promotes projects with sign-up forms, landing pages, and link pages.


This is not only a lead generation tool but also one of the marketing apps that need no-coding, which is used by online marketers to increase conversions on their websites.


The promotion of a website is essentially what website marketing entails.


This SaaS application and marketing platform need no coding to build responsive marketing websites with visual editing software based on the browser.


With content marketing at its core, this content management system is an extremely powerful tool that lets you build and host websites.


Create, manage and track your marketing campaigns with the powerful no-code marketing tool provided by this e-commerce platform that hosts your online store.


This provider of a drag-and-drop HTML5 website builder, with customizable website templates. It markets your product tracks views, clicks, and statistics on email opens, thereby letting you know how your business performs

Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing

Lead nurturing goes hand in hand with email marketing with automated, personalized emails sent to your clientele to reinforce buyer relationships.


Enable email marketing campaign automation, even if your budget is limited with this email marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses.


This cloud-based email marketing software aids in creating, delivering, and analyzing email marketing campaigns.


This all-in-one marketing platform enables better communication with and management of your clients through segmentation and targeted personalized emails to have greater engagement. Build meaningful relationships and increase ROI.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the process of automating monotonous or repetitive marketing work.


It is a powerful no-code tool that can be used in building marketing content management or publishing platforms to automate workflows in your marketing department. Quixy can also help you automate different tasks of other departments by enabling custom solution building through no-code.


Drip uses SMS, email, and third-party integrations to increase business revenue with this marketing automation platform built for e-commerce.


One of the leaders in marketing automation as well as efficient marketing tool, this SaaS tool platform aids businesses in assessing and automating their marketing tasks.


Increase conversions of website visitors by personalizing your website using this tool.

Data Reporting and Analytics

Data reporting involves presenting information in a concise and digestible manner. Analytics are essential information and data converted into insights.

Google Anlaytics

Marketers use Google Analytics to get an insight into the impact on customers by marketing campaigns and how conversions and retentions impact a site’s user experience.

Lucky Orange

A martech tool that has features for marketers such as heat maps, polls, form analytics, visitor recordings, live chat, and more.


An excellent tool you must add in your martech stack to analyze user behaviour.


Segment is a tool that unifies customer data in real-time for marketing teams


Get in-depth, real-time insights into your product interactions and build accurate reports to assist your team with this data-reporting and analytics marketing tool.

Team Communication and Collaboration

Team communication and collaboration is a method of project management that encourages innovative thought, teamwork, and the achievement of unified objectives.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a productivity suite of business tools, based on the cloud, that enables work to be done at any place on any device.


Notion is a digital workspace used for note-taking, management of data, knowledge, task, and projects that are used for marketing and sales as well as other areas.


This Microsoft product is a collaboration app built for teams to stay organized, informed, and connected in one place.


This easy-to-use and reliable messaging app is used by businesses to bring people together, communicate, stay informed and organized and work as a team.

Project Management

Project management for marketing involves building a framework within which marketing projects are delivered.


This dashboard for workplace management helps marketing teams streamline communication, and scale and automate processes across the company.


This collaboration tool, which has no-code features, allows you to collaborate, assign work, manage deadlines, and visually track progress across marketing initiatives with its Kanban and list views.


An all-in-one place Work Operating System (Work OS) that lets you plan, organize and track your marketing workflows efficiently and enables your marketing team to run projects confidently.


This relational database, online collaboration tool, and one of our no-code marketing apps enable marketing teams to drive business growth through the management, organization, and tracking of inventories, event planning, streamlining of content, and campaign workflows.


ClickUp is a marketing project management software that allows the creation of rich-text Docs for your marketing reports, plans, and strategies.

Automate using no-code and other Marketing tools

The no-code tools in our stack essentially make the marketing team function better with empathetic marketing and with more efficiency since they allow the automation of workflows without involving the tech team or any coding whatsoever. This removes repetition and human error and thereby, saves time, making the processes all the more efficient.

Workflow automation and the use of digital workspaces have become normalized in the era of citizen development. For the digital transformation of businesses, it has become increasingly essential to engage in Digital Process Automation (DPA), Business Process Automation (BPM), and Management (BPA).

Automation using marketing apps that require no-coding enables the creation and efficient execution of marketing strategies and campaigns.


Marketing tools that need no coding aid the overall functionality of your business by providing the ability to quickly come up with solutions for the fast-paced business environment of today’s digital era. Indeed, we all want to achieve higher goals with lesser complexities. Let’s start with those marketing goals first!

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