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August 10, 2023
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At the initial stage of business, manually handling a sales pipeline is fairly simple. As you have a small customer base and need less effort to manage the requests and requirements.

Gradually, however, as your customer base expands, your business will grow, and as you enter different markets and verticals your sales will also increase. Manual work cannot suffice at this stage; keeping track of sales can become quite difficult. You need automation tools to boost the productivity and efficiency of your sales team so that you and your team can convert more leads and drive revenue for your organization.

Today, with the help of various low-code/no-code sales applications, the path to handle higher sales has become easy.

It’s time to automate!

Automation in sales activities will help users to focus on business-driven tasks rather than repetitive, tedious jobs. No-code sales tools and other fairly simple applications without any coding need will help you lessen the sales team’s workload.

The professionals can focus on tasks that will add value and contribute to the business’s development by actually, you know, selling!

If you are not sure how to go about this, here’s a list of sales tools, including various top low-code and no-code tools sorted out into categories that you must have in your sales stack.

Top list of applications you must have in your Sales Stack to drive efficiency and productivity!

No-Code Sales Tools

Account Based Sales and Marketing

Any account-based execution becomes effectively successful if the sales team is as good as the marketing team, this will also lead to top performance in revenue.

Demand Base

Use this exceptional tool to get data-driven insights about contacts and accounts using AI; use AI to ascertain in-market opportunities.


Target accounts according to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and accelerate marketing and sales with this account-based B2B platform.


Enable confident selling by predicting customer intent in their account-based buying journey by essentially reconstructing it with this AI platform that uses a time-based patented mechanism.

BI Analytics & Dashboards

Business Intelligence analytics and sales dashboards enable quicker and clearer communication and make your sales team better prepared for meetings with customers. It also helps them track progress, spot issues, manage sales pipelines and build forecasts based on data.


Tableau overcomes data silos, surpasses the current standard of report building, and empowers your sales team by building a sales culture that is completely data-driven.


Get insights into behavior analytics to empathize with customers and assist the sales team with feedback regarding the generation of leads, user engagement, customer experience, and customer support.


Connect your CRM to sales, get an overview of your revenue sales performance on a sales dashboard, and build forecasts by focusing on the sales team’s integral KPIs and other financial metrics.


LeadBI sales application enables visitor tracking, by knowing which pages attract leads, data-driven decisions can be made to aid the sales team.

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Buyer Enablement

Buyer enablement is essentially the sales team adding content and insights throughout the buyer journey, which leads to a higher chance of closing a deal.


Boxxstep aids the sales team by handing over the baton of all the prospects and contact information to them.


Videoask aids in generating leads with the use of video. Connections with prospects can be made stronger when they can be qualified by recording a series of questions.


Communication during cold calling determines whether a sale will take place or not, is a necessary evil in any business but it is extremely essential for conversation intelligence.


Zoom enables video meetings and screen sharing and is a huge boon to sales by allowing the capturing and consequent analyzing of calls with customers.


This simple solution allows for creating visibility and drives process, and behavior changes to deliver the bottom-line impact.


Conduct video conferences, online meetings, and desktop sharing in real-time. Enables sales calls with a personal approach and makes the chances of closing deals higher.

Content Sharing and Management

When content sharing and management is done in a business, sales cycles reduce and the pipeline is moved faster. These no-code sales tools will enable you to answer queries and share effective content.


A virtual video sales application to connect with prospects better, convert them, close more deals, and make people feel more accountable.


With these no-code apps for sales, improve sales outreach, streamline onboarding, optimize performance, and accelerate the sales cycle.


Save 40% of time in searching with this secure sharing platform that lets you identify interested parties in business and gets all sales-related materials and insights in one place.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Delays in the contract life cycle can be prevented with the help of a good CLM system in place, as it creates a line of communication that clearly transmits relevant information between your sales team and your clients.


Clearbit is a CLM tool that can help you create a list of lead targets within minutes, giving your sales team to put their focus on closing more deals.


Affinity is a little more advanced than simple CRM by bringing AI into the mix. It grows sales through the development of meaningful connections and relationships.

Adobe Sign

Adobe is at the tip of every business’ tongue at this stage of digital leadership in this era. Along with the allowance of no-code sales apps integrations, it gives the sales team access to the best available PDF tools, so at any given place and on any device, they can convert leads, create contracts, edit, approve, and sign documents.


For your B2B companies, Getaccept is a platform that specializes in aiding sales representatives to personally interact in this digitized sales environment.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

CRM systems increase the revenue from sales by helping the sales team reduce the costs of production by automating order processing and quote preparation. By streamlining the sales cycle in this way, deals in the sales pipeline are closed and the sales team can reach their targets faster.


The inbound sales and marketing platform is a great tool for website building. HubSpot assists companies in attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers, all while giving the teams one place to manage all their activities.


Salesforce empowers sales teams by providing an all-around view of customers, boosting sales productivity, and improving sales coaching with the help of AI.


Zoho is a CRM solution with advanced functionality that reduces the span of the entire sales cycle by automating sales and follow-ups. Zoho creator is a tool that will enable you to build sales applications without coding.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a centralized place for the sales team to get the complete context of a customer account by giving access to a set of integrated tools. In our sales stack, SpreadsheetWeb (Sell) is one of the no-code sales tools within Zendesk.


Freshworks is another CRM solution that is also absolutely free for small businesses.

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Email Management

Email prospecting is the first step to effective sales and marketing but getting buyers through conventional or traditional marketing tactics can be frustrating and a big load on sales teams, it poses the question, how practical is it? Hence, there are tools in our sales stack to aid you in making this process efficient and worthwhile.


Get getting emails from potential clients. With necessary verifications and tracking in place, It’s an excellent way of converting leads.


Find prospects on LinkedIn, engage with them across platforms through multiple channels with multiple templates, sell better with the use of AI, and even track your progress after.

Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Tools Performance Management

Lead generation is a marketing department’s task which is necessary for the sales team to work better. Sales prospecting is very important to filter out the potential client base and create a more efficient system of selling that will increase sales and as a consequence, revenue for the business.


Callingly connects the client to the sales team on the phone when it has a new lead so as to close the deal immediately. If a live conversation has not taken place, it even schedules a follow-up phone call automatically to ensure that every lead gets a call.


GetProspect is a cloud-based tool that extracts emails and provides contact lists to businesses. By estimating prospects’ quality, it helps in bringing out the best performance in sales workflows.


Owler’s functioning gives sales reps information as and when they need it about their prospects and enables them to close more deals.


Easily manage all your prospects in one place, you can even make lists of the profiles on LinkedIn that sent replies to the automated messages sent out by your business and then you can manually follow-up thereafter.


Verifalia is an online email validation service that verifies emails or integrates their API to verify incoming email IDs in real-time.


Align marketing and sales through identifying targets, reaching out to them through multiple channels, and measuring the effectiveness of programs in systems of record.


See clear-cut and real-time sales insights and analytics of performance by syncing all sales departments, data sources, and performance measures together.

Sales Enablement

A good sales enablement strategy includes enriching your sales teams with relevant contacts, a mechanism for document tracking, and knowledge sharing for effective sales. Here’s a list of tools you must have in your sales stack to convert leads into customers.


Build account maps and quickly identify integral relationships with Lucidchart. Through this contact enrichment, proposals and deals are closed faster and through the most efficient path.


Create a link between strategy and execution, consistently making the performance and ROI on sales reps better, thereby, increasing revenue.

Sales Engagement

Sales engagement is essentially the sales team understanding the buyer’s journey so that they can make the experience of the buyer better and thereby, improve the sales process.


Outreach works towards lead and prospect engagement with a dashboard that enables no-code integrations, social interactions, controlling emails, outbound calling, and other such voice solutions, making your sales team more efficient.


On one dashboard and in a single sequence, systematically shoot out emails at scale, with customization according to the lead, and assign prospect engagement tasks through social media or phone calls.

Sales and Market Intelligence

Sales and market intelligence make use of sales triggers to help the sales team understand who their prospects and customer base are and why they buy what they buy. This shortens the sales cycle and helps in enabling quicker closing of deals.


Zoominfo is a sales intelligence software that takes a name or email address and finds all the relevant contacts at that person’s company, along with other information that aids the lead.


Clay is similar to Airtable, but you can even build automation on top of it.

Productivity & Scheduling

Scheduling is integral for sales teams, it makes sure that their goals, tasks, and duties are performed on a daily basis and allows monitoring of productivity.


Airtable is a low-code platform with no-code features that aid companies in tracking their sales pipelines, analyzing and assigning tasks.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets help improve your bottom line by giving your sales team weekly sales reports with crucial insights relating to revenue and their performance.


Collaborate with no-code automation features, roadmap characteristics, and management boards that help hit revenue goals by simplifying processes and managing workflows.


Calendly helps you save an average of fifteen minutes on each meeting scheduled. By getting rid of the back-and-forth reminders, Calendly accelerates the sales cycles.


Clockify is a timesheet and time tracking application that allows tracking of work hours on any given project.

Integration and Workflows


Quixy is a no-code platform that enables the automation of your sales processes by helping you build complex enterprise-grade applications within hours rather than weeks or months, all without a single line of code.


Zapier allows no-code integrations and speeds up your sales cycle by passing data automatically, it saves time and removes mistakes.


Parabola is another alternative in this list to automate the generation of sales reports.

Automate with Low-code and No-Code Sales Apps

These applications automate workflows and enhance efficiency without involving any coding for executing sales activity. This saves time, removes human error, and repetition is making the sales processes all the more efficient.

The citizen development movement has gained a lot of momentum since companies across sectors have engaged in Digita Process Automation, Business Process Automation (BPM), and Management (BPA). The impact of this not only shows through more sales and more revenue but also reflects in every department of the company.

Workflow automation and having digital workplaces have become the new norm to free up time and save funds, in the long run. By automating using no coding sales applications and other platforms, digital workspaces are created and its benefits are leveraged.


These sales applications provide a range of benefits, including improvements in functionality, automation, and integrations for your business. These utilities can only assist you in the dynamic market environment and give your company a competitive edge.

Quixy has been ranked as the leader in no-code by G2 as a result of the high customer satisfaction reviews. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today.

We hope with the help of this blog post and these no-code sales tools, you find the resources you need to transform your business to be resilient in the face of market changes and be consistently successful.

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