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August 11, 2023
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This article (Low-Code No-Code Boom during COVID-19 Pandemic) was first published on Nasscom Community

No industry has escaped the clutches of COVID-19, but the digitalization of business, especially with the recent low-code no-code boom, rose as one of the most viable solutions that saved very many companies amidst the current situation.

With low-code no-code having been around for years, its use has seen to be quite widespread recently. The boom is largely associated with adding a global pandemic to the mix.

Let’s explore this in detail!

What is low-code no-code?

According to Wikipedia, a low-code platform is ” software that provides a development environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.”

Low code is, therefore, basically a collaborative approach to software development that uses visuals for ease of working.

While Low-Code platforms are meant for professional developers and involve a certain degree of programming, No-Code platforms are used by business users and do not require any coding skills.

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How has it developed over the years? 

For decades, businesses all over the world have been steadily shifting from traditional ways of working to digitalizing their operations. In fact, a large chunk of the IT budget is used toward procuring or developing core application software exclusively for the businesses concerned. However, both options for procuring or developing custom applications have their own set of drawbacks. Custom application development requires deploying expensive software developers, and typical development cycles range from a few months to over a year. On the other add, procuring ready-to-use COTS software create application silos, and these software do not seamlessly integrate with other IT applications.

low-code no-code boom

Low-code no-code platforms provide visual drag-and-drop interfaces that can be used to automate forms and processes and build enterprise-grade custom applications without writing any code 8-10X faster. While the low-code no-code platforms have been around for several years now, the boom we are seeing today can be attributed to how they have matured over time with a growing need.

How can it benefit your business?

Low-code no-code could add a great deal of value to your organization as it has the ability to open up your business and employees’ untapped potential that may be overlooked during these tough times.

The low-code no-code boom is also because the software development is trimmed in such an empowering way that employees are able to innovate faster, and day-to-day issues are solved with much more ease. 

There are endless possibilities presented with low-code no-code platforms when it comes to:

  1. Forms and Workflow Automation
  2. Business Process Automation
  3. Application Development
  4. Data management

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The Low-Code No-Code Boom has aided in adding Speed and Agility to organizations

“Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent.”

bill gates

Considering the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, digitized businesses could handle and even convert the situation into an advantageous one. 

It has been observed that:

  • Clever working has proven to have overridden importance over large amounts of hard work.
  • Speed and agility go a long way in the skillful work that constitutes the business.
  • For your business to progress meaningfully in these uncertain times, being agile is not a bonus but a requirement to survive. 

Automating core processes for any business, say supply chain, for example, can take roughly nine to twelve months if it was created by traditional means, but with the recent low-code no-code boom, the same can be done within a span of a few weeks, not to mention it would facilitate easy alterations. 

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By automating what previously required extensive manual efforts to actualize, low-code no-code has facilitated agile business practices, which have significantly improved the usability of software by employees, consumers, and other stakeholders. 

If there is one thing that any enterprise needs for its success, it is agility.

Low-Code No-Code has risen greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic surely slowed down business processes due to regulations on office personnel capacities and work being affected by safety guidelines.

Low-code no-code platforms turned out to be a game-changer; there is no wonder that there has been a low-code no-code boom what with it:

  • bringing office processes back into a healthy environment.
  • been highly beneficial in customer and employee interactions
  • revolutionized normal ways of working

With the current uncertainty plaguing the need for office spaces, the low-code, no-code boom has certainly proven to give non-programmers a viable solution to keep their businesses afloat during the COVID-19 “new normal.”

The “New Normal”

Huge business processes are eased into workflow automation because platforms offer low-code, no-code application development options. It has become a highly leveraged aspect in the path of programming, so much so that it has become the “new normal” in these pressing times and has been a savior to businesses all over.

The pandemic sure did show us how unpredictable the world can be; the speedy adoption of low-code application development is what aided businesses to not only survive but boom amidst or, rather, despite the pandemic. 

During the COVID-19 breakout, low-code no-code has resultantly grown to be:

  • immensely mainstream
  • virtually useful
  • an aid to operational practices to learn the ever-changing and never-ending consumer needs
  • an addresser of challenges posed by the business environment.

With COVID-19 disrupting business operations, it was definitely difficult to keep up with processes without any hindrances; here, low-code no-code assisted in achieving an optimal scenario for the benefit of the businesses. 


Can you say the same for your business?

If not, you definitely could with a low-code no-code platform at your fingertips. 

Quixy is ranked “Leader – Asia Pacific” in No-Code Application Development by G2. With ready-to-use workplace safety applications, we can help your business during the COVID-19 crisis. Our platform can aid in digitizing your business processes and automating your workflow to achieve the smooth functioning of your previously hindered operations. 

Low code has enabled greater use of our resources by businesses all over; we can add agility, speed, and hence, efficiency to your business’ working in these compelling circumstances by providing ease in modeling, monitoring, and automating business processes for maximum value.

Our application development is easy and can be customized to your business. With workspaces being forgone during the pandemic, a digital workplace can be created with Quixy making it a one-stop solution for your organization. 

With Quixy, you could support your business in the most convenient ways, i.e., automate your workflow processes and use the time and money saved to build your business further. Get Started Today! Empower your organization with automation and customized app development without coding.

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