• Workflow Automation Statistics
    65+ Workflow Automation Statistics and Forecasts you can’t miss!
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    In the last few years, the growth and need for automation were in a boom; the increased IT requirements and low available resources made it very demanding. Ever since the pandemic happened, every business has needed to implement automation techniques to improve their workflow with available forces. Here are some workflow automation statistics that is

    No-Code Low-Code Statistics
    Top 60 No-Code Low-Code Citizen Development Statistics, Facts, and Trends you cannot miss in 2024
    Reading Time: 9 minutes

    The ever-changing digital landscape is forcing businesses to turn on their “all-things-digital” mode. With the increasing demand, IT departments in any organization are overburdened with work, and it is becoming difficult for one team in an organization to keep up with the changing business needs. Overwhelmed with different software and application requirements, fulfilling all the

    80+ Eye-Opening Social Media Statistics for Every Channel
    80+ Eye-Opening Social Media Statistics for Every Channel
    Reading Time: 10 minutes

    “The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” -Jay Baer When it comes to digital marketing, Social media platforms are incredibly important. With 9 out of 10 internet users using social one or the other social media platform, it is out of the question to leave such a valuable

    Digital Transformation Statistics
    90+ Digital Transformation Statistics and Trends To Help You Navigate it in 2024
    Reading Time: 13 minutes

    Digital change has accelerated and continues to do so quickly in the dynamic business environment. This is evident and supported by digital transformation statistics, which showcase how the value of businesses, revenue-wise as well, has been preserved or even heightened with digitization. Think about it, can your company depend on finding enough digitally skilled employees

    70+ Vital Field Service Industry Statistics
    70+ Vital Field Service Industry Statistics and Market Size to help you navigate in 2024 & beyond.
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    According to Fortune Business Insights, the Field Service Management(FSM) market will grow to 8.06 million in 2028 compared to USD 3.24 million in 2021 at a CAGR of 13.9% in 2021-2028. Aren’t these figures intriguing? Before we move on to more such field service market statistics and predictions, let’s take a brief on Field service

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