Workflows are part of daily operations in any department of an organization. Marketing department is no exception. For example, a content publication workflow which spans multiple activities starting from content idea submission to publication. It maps the distinct stages in the content ideation, creation, review, and publication process, as well as specifying the person responsible for each step in the process. These workflows, if not streamlined through use of automation tools, can result in chaos due to delays, lack of accountability, coordination, and visibility into the actual status.

In this webinar, we will learn how you can address all these challenges and build a content publication solution using Quixy’s no-code platform in minutes without writing any code. We will also see how you can design reports and dashboards to get insights into your content publication activities.


Rushasri Yalamanchili

Rushasri Yalamanchili

Platform Consultant


Md Farhan

Digital Marketing Consultant